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Minnesota Golden Gophers football team recruit Dramatic Chipmunk to distract rivals

Photo via Jjalldayque/Reddit


The Minnesota Golden Gophers American football team have recruited Dramatic Chipmunk.

Bleacher Report says DC has already scored his first hit, psyching out TCU kicker Jaden Oberkrom.

For those of you still watching the internet in black and white, here is Dramatic Chipmunk.



Photo: Jjalldayque

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NFL UK: American Football Rules for Beginners



THIS weekend, the NFL comes to Wembley stadium for a series of league fixtures.

There’s been a number of games in England and this year, the NFL is pulling out all the stops to showcase gridiron in the UK. It is the eighth successive year that regular-season NFL games will occur at the home of Association Football, with the Oakland Raiders and Miami Dolphins kicking things off on the 28th September before the Atlanta Falcons tackle the Detroit Lions on 26th October and the Dallas Cowboys go toe-to-toe with the Jacksonville Jaguars on 9th November.

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WARNING: Heading a ball and playing American Football give you brain damage

DOES heading a football give you breain dmage? What about heading a person? Sam Harnett looks at research on American Footballers by Stanford researchers:

[David] Camarillo and his team have outfitted the football team with mouth guards that measure the physics of every hit. At practices, they use ultra-high-definition, slow-motion cameras to observe those collisions more closely and look for ways to prevent them. The first startling discovery of the research is how little is known about the “injury mechanism” for concussions, that is, exactly how they are caused… How hard does a hit need to be to cause a concussion outright? How many small, low-impact hits before a player begins to exhibit concussion symptoms?

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A monkey! Riding a dog! In the middle of an American Football match!

THINK about the entertainment that surrounds football matches in England. A meat and potato pie with grey innards? Someone doing a draw so someone wins £200? Or if it is a special game, maybe Katherine Jenkins looking contemptuous on the halfway line, trying to flog some awful CD of warbling?

Well, once again, America puts us all to shame. The Super Bowl has had Prince, The Who and Paul McCartney and a football match has knocked them all into a cocked hat with the greatest entertainment any sport could ever hope to sit beside…

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Streaker Sparks Brawl At Arizona V UCLA

Cue mayhem as the players argue about… Well, what? Taylor Embree and Shaquille Richardson trade punches. The rest of the lads pile in.  Embree and Richardson are sent off.

And the streaker? Well, he was taken down and straddled by officers of the law in full view of fans. And all the while his under crackers remained clean…

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High School Kid Austin Pacheco Launches 64 Yard Field Goal!

AMERICAN Football may well be a very, very silly game played by giant men in crash helmets, but that’s not to say it isn’t impressive.

There’s a certain trashy glamour to the sport which nothing else quite matches.

What is peculiar about American Tossball is that it is so very keen on percentages, fractions and measurements. People cheer when play is shunted on a couple of yards and everyone is told the distance thrown by star quarterbacks over a season.

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Rashard Mendenhall Dry Humps Ben Roethlisberger: Who Needs Cheerleaders?

AT the American Football Jets vs. Steelers game a Rashard Mendenhall put the tin lid on his team’s success by dry humping a Ben Roethlisberger.

Like you, we too think American names are made up to rnsure the players’ letters fit the wide expanse between the padded shoulders. American football is about looking big. Big heads. Big shoulders. Big displays of affection.

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London to host Super Bowl?!

85067-32MANY Americans would consider it a crime for the Super Bowl – the most-watched sporting event in the States, by a long way – to be held anywhere other than in their own country. But news has reached the Anorak sports desk, via Auntie Beeb, that it could be coming to Olde Londontown…

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American Footballers On Burgling Mission

BURGLARS – ho-ho – where would the media be without them? Crimewatch wold ahve to extend it rape segments and the BBC news would be on an ever-more desperate search for lost dogs.

What follows is surveillance video os a would-be burglar “rushing” at a door like he was a football player. The only difference between our man the game he loves is that he’s not wearing a helmet and its quite interesting to watch:

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FAIL! Wal-Mart Super Bowl display

MEMO to all giant American soul-sucking corporations:

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The Damage To A Footballer’s Brain

AMERICAN footballers have brains. Really. Dr. Ann McKee, co-director of the Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy (CSTE), has looked between the ears of American football players and found evidence of brain action:

What’s been surprising is that (the damage is) so extensive. It’s throughout the brain, not just on the superficial aspects of the brain, but it’s deep inside.”

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Video: Philadelphia Eagles Owner High-Fives Wife In Face

In a word, FAIL…

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Detroit Lions edge closer to the wrong kind of “perfect season”

No NFL team has ever finished the regular season with a 0-16 record. The Tampa Bay Bucs went 0-14 in 1976, but that was in the days of a less hectic schedule, and it was their first ever season in the league.

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