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Andy Murray Royal Mail stamps are just product placement for his watch


THESE Andy Murray stamps to mark his status as Wimbledon Champion are a move away for celebration to product placement. Her Majesty the Queen has yet to post for a head-licker with a can of Cola or sweetshop treat on her lips. But two of Murray’s four stamps feature him wearing a watch. It’s the watch he doesn’t wear to play tennis; only to collect cups and pose for photos.

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Virginia Wade heads a list of British Wimbledon champions erased from the record books

Wimbledon champions forgotten british

WHEN Andy Murray won Wimbledon some of you might have picked up the whiff of misogyny. Had he really ended the 77 year wait for a British Wimbledon Champion? Was he the first British champions since Fred Perry built a T-shirt brand in 1936? Whisper these names Virginia Wade (1977), Jamie Murray (mixed doubles, 2007) , Jonathan Marray (mens doubles, 2012), and Angela Mortimer and Anne Shilcock (ladies doubles, 1955).

But Murray’s a man. And it’s all about the men. Those headlines came thick and thicker:

Murray wade


Times: “Murray ends 77-year wait for British win.”

Telegraph: “After 77 years, the wait is over.”

Daily Mail: “The moment Andy ended Britain’s 77 year wait.”

Daily Mirror: “Andy ends our 77-year wait for Wimbledon glory”

Daily Star: “Murray ends 77 years of hurt”

And on it goes….

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Andy Murray wins Wimbledon: the newspaper front and back pages

DID you see Andy Murray win Wimbledon? Did you watch it all? Or are you one of the many who saw bits of it, popping in an out of the kitchen and garden to see parts of the tennis player’s momentous win? Tennis remains a minority sport. It’s not the football. But today it’s bigger. For those of you who love reading about football in the newspapers – or for that matter, politics, weather, celebs, wars etc. – you’ll having to find it amid reams and rams of Murray Mania:


The Times has a wraparound cover. It’s a photograph of joy to kickstart the working week. 

Andy Murray newspapers

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Andy Murray squeezing toothpaste – the photos

ANDY Murray is tough. Some bright spark has noticed that the tennis star is tough enough to squeeze toothpaste:

andy murray teeth


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Sun ignores Andy Murray’s epic US Open win to report on Theo Walcott’s head cold

HARD cheese on Andy Murray. He wins the US Open and not a single British newspaper bothers to hold the back page, front page or a small section between the classfieds to herald his achievements. And that includes the Sun, which despite leading with a “THANK YOOOOO…to your Olympics and Paralympic heroes”, begins its sports pages with the stella news that Stoke City’s Peter Crouch “refused to be on standby for Euro 2012”.

What else does the Sun say on sport? This is the paper that brought readers: “Boorish football needs to get the Olympic message” (Steven Howard), “Our Olympic heroes have humiliated arrogant footballers” (Hunter Davies) and “How vile football is back”, by Rob Beasley.

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Anyone for Ennis? Kate Middleton Wimbledon defeat reduces Andy Murray to tears

ANDY Murray lost to Roger Federer at Wimbledon. Emotions ran high. But it was never about Roger and Andy. It was all about Kate Middleton. Or Jessica Ennis… (All the game’s photos here.)

Spotter: hendopolis

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Jonny Murray forced to win tickets to watch Andy Murray’s Wimbledon final

ANDY Murray is creating mounds of mania. The Daily Mail has Murray hat. The Sun has a Murray mask. The Express leads with news that the Beckhams and the Duchess of Cambridge will be sat in Wimbledon’s best seats to watch Murray, and, doubtlessly, Murray to watch them.

But what of Jonny Marray, who yesterday became Britain’s first Wimbledon men’s doubles champion for 76 years? Well, he’ll be watching the men’s final, too. Only, he had to apply for tickets in a ballot.

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The Sun bills Andy Murray as Scottish to the Scots and British to the rest of us

ON Wimbledon history man Andy Murray, the Suntells its readers in Scotland. This is Andy Murray who aged 15 relocated to Barcelona to train at the Sanchez-Casal Academy”


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Andy Murray can win Wimbledon for Great Britain and lose it for Scotland

CAN Andy Murray win Wimbledon for Great Britain (and lose it for Scotland)?

As with most modern Scottish victories, the event is staged in, erm, London. Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond says Murray has “given the whole country a lift with his performances. The whole of Scotland will be right behind Andy on Sunday, and I’ll be there in person to help cheer him on.”

Prime Minister David Cameron takes a different line:

“It is great news that we have our first home-grown men’s finalist at Wimbledon for over 70 years, especially in this exciting Olympics year when the eyes of the world are on the UK. I’ll be watching the final on Sunday and, like the rest of the country, will be getting right behind Andy Murray – I wish him the best of luck.”

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Andy Murray’s Wimbledon victory is a chance for Kate Middleton to shine

HOW do the nation’s newspapers report the news that Andy Murray (current status: British) is through to the semi-finals of Wimbledon? Well, it was a truly momentous day for Kate Middleton. As the sun sat in a bright blue sky, Kate stunned adoring onlookers, who had invested small fortunes to sit on Kate Knoll, by deftly dropping her shiny hair over her perfect ears. As white-clad men toiled below, the English champion of hearts…(continues for ever)…

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Andy Murray Was There To See Pippa Middleton Watch Wimbledon: Photos

ANDY Murray was their to see Pippa Middleton watch the semi-finals of the 2011 Wimbledon Championships at The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. The BBC’s man in the booth, Andrew Castle, produced the perfect words to caption one lingering shot of Pippa that lasted longer than some of the lupine Scot’s service games:

There’s Pippa.”

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Wimbledon Day 7 Photos: Andy Murray Wins, Kate Middleton Watches And Heaven Disobeys Cliff Richards’ Prayers

WIMBLEDON 2011  – Day 7: This one was busy. Andy Murray defeated Frenchman Richard Gasquet without the usual face-shredding tension; Sir Cliff Richard waited  for the roof over Centre Court to get stuck, the Heavens to open and his voice to be called upon; graceless Serena Williams sat on the greens like a tantruming toddler; shrieking Maria Sharapova providing the soundtrack to Wimbledon: The Porn Parody; and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, (Kate Middleton and Prince William, for it is theory) sat in the Royal Box, gracefully.  for added interest you may care to offer a caption for picture 4 – it is suggestive of much…


Picture 1 of 22

The Duchess of Cambridge arrives in the Royal Box on Centre Court during day seven of the 2011 Wimbledon Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, Wimbledon.

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Wimbledon 2011 Photos: On Trend Venus Williams’ Tucks Her Jumper Into Her Knickers

WIMBLEDON. Let’s consider the events three central planks: The Shaggable; Andy Murray; Venus Williams’ clothes.

In other, we can revels:

Rafa Nadal is through to the bet round.
Andy Murray is through to the next round.
Venus Williams says her top is not a top – it’s is “jumper“. She tells us that jumpers are very “now“.

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Andy Murray Wins At Queens: He’s Got More Bottle Than A Litre Of Amyl Nitrate

ANDY Murray has won a tennis match against a Frenchman called Jo-Wilfred Tsonga. Murray held aloft the Queen’s Cup as he celebrated victory in the final of the AEGON Championships at The Queen’s Club, London. And we beheld the cup. It is huge. Massive. Only the strongest can win the tournament because only the strongest can lift the cup. This is a tournament with Small Tournament Syndrome. It knows that Wimbledon is the big one (some say the only one) and this is just a small satellite get together for players warming up.

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Scots Hero Andy Murray Loses Again: England Watching FA Cup Highlights

BRITAIN’S Andy Murray was on BBC1 playing in the Australian Open final. Serbia’s Novak Djokovic defeated him in straight sets. And so it is that Scottish minority sports enthusiast Andy Murray fails again.

Meanwhile, anyone in England can flick over to ITV to watch the FA Cup highlights…

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Andy Murray Is 100% British: Will Remain So If Wins Australian Open

AUSTRALIAN Open: Andy Murray is 100% British. If he wins the Grand Slam event he will 100% British forever…

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Andy Murray Loses At Wimbledon And England’s Omen Brooklyn Beckham Was There (Pictures)

BLAME David Beckham and his son Brooklyn for Andy Murray’s Wimbledon defeat? Is Britain’s sports ambassador, Brooklyn Beckham’s dad, a bad Omen?

Beckham is the US-based ambassador working in Italy. He has a son. Just like in The Omen film… It’s just a silly theory, right? Brooklyn’s a lovely lad…

Let’s review the facts: Becks was stood by the England team bench at the World Cup. He was dressed as a pool hustler. England were dire. Beckham was at Wimbledon to watch Andy Murray.

Says Mark Reason in the Telegraph:

The moment that David Beckham settled behind Judy Murray like a huge albatross on the shoulder of British sport, the game was up.

Come on Murray, come on the English,” screamed the crowd.

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Orlando Bloom And David Beckham Make Wimbledon After Scotland’s Andy Murray Watchable: Pictures

NO sooner has Andy Murray become as English as spite and tea, than he gets thrashed by Rafael Nadal in the Wimbledon semi-final. So. The tennis is over. Scotland’s Andy Murray can climb back in his sporran and take the high road back to Surrey-on-Tweed. Shorn of the patriotism, tennis fans turn once more to those other mainstays of Wimbledon: women’s knickers, Nadal’s arms, Katherine Jenkins giving full throat to the Royal Box and David Beckham standing on a gantry with Orlando Bloom. And you thought tennis was boring…


Picture 1 of 8

David Beckham and Orlando Bloom (right) during Day Eleven of the 2010 Wimbledon Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis Club, Wimbledon.

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Conclusive Proof That Andy Murray Is English

ANDY Murray is now 81% British and 34% English. The Mirror calls Murray a “FLOWER OF ENGLAND” and says his roots lie south of the border.

Andy Murray’s maternal grandmother was born to English parents. Eileen Edney is as English as Ashley Cole’s knickers. Eileen is Judy Erskine’s mother. Judy is Andy Murray’s vein-popping tennis mum.

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Andy Murray Is The Sun’s English Lion At Wimbledon: Pictures

ANDY Murray is no longer Scottish. Andy Murray is from the Home Counties. Wimbledon is in the Home Counties. Andy Murray is the local boy making good.

Tom Wells has news for Sun readers in the non-Scottish edition:

HOME Counties tennis maestro Andy Murray lifted England’s sporting gloom last night as he stormed into the Wimbledon semi-finals.

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Andy Murray Needs Australia To Dance With Serena Williams

AT the Australian Open, Serena Williams beat Justine Henin on the squeaky rubber. Soon Andy Murray will try and win the Open for Britain. He will lose for Scotland. On his success the nation waits. Murray is not at Wimbledon, whish is nuisance. A Britain is supposed to end the decades of waiting by taking a Grand Slam trophy at the All England Club not in Melbourne. But, then, given Murray’s persona it might be for the best to serve up any win in a edited highlights packaged with the unsavoury moments masked by an M People backing track and shots of sad Australians. And then he has to dance with Williams.


Picture 1 of 10

Leaflets in Dunblane advertising the Andy Murray match which will be shown on tv at the Dunblane Centre ahead of his appearance in the Australian Open final. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Saturday January 30, 2010. See PA story TENNIS Murray. Photo credit should read: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

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Andy Murray British-Ometer: True Brit Blitz’s Way To Oz Final: Pictures

ANDY Murray remains “Britain’s Andy Murray” as he beats another tennis player few beyond Sky Sport 3 have heard of, one Marin Cilic, to move into the final of The Australian Open at Melbourne Park. In the final Murray will play either Roger Federer – the second most popular tennis play in the UK, after Rafa Nadal – and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, who is Scottish.


Picture 1 of 9

Great Britain's Andy Murray reacts against Croatia's Marin Cilic during The Australian Open at Melbourne Park at Melbourne Park, Melbourne.

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Jerzy Janowicz Grows In Stature, Literally, And Andy Murray’s Team GB Loses Davis Cup Standing

7831956GREAT Britain have been relegated to Group II of the Davis Cup’s Europe/Africa Zone after being beaten by Poland, despite Andy Murray’s win over Jerzy Janowicz, the man who grew up on court – literally:

Jerzy Janowicz stands 6ft 6in – Guardian

Polish No 1 Jerzy Janowicz… 6ft 7in – Mail

6ft 8in Jerzy Janowicz – Sun

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