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Susan Boyle To Sing At Oscars

susan-boyle-fancy-dressSUSAN Boyle Watch: In which the Huffington Post’s Sarah Walker tells of her “fears” for Susan Boyle.

Anorak has highlighted some terrific opinion on Britain’s Got Talent’s Susan Boyle, noteworthy:

* This woman is my sister.

* So, just as the unemployed Susan Boyle is storming the states with her unexpectedly inspirational rendition of “I dreamed a dream”, equity markets appear to be putting in a not dissimilar inspirational performance — leading many market commentators to profess the recession may in fact be over and done with.

* Susan Boyle: My definition of actualizing potential by allowing the energy of the universe to flow through you.

* Susan Boyle surpasses Barack Obama as the most popular human being on the planet

* I’m still stuck on Susan Boyle, and still weeping. I suppose that’s so 24 hours ago, and I should be thinking instead about how Mel Gibson’s divorce might affect his box-office cred with conservative Catholics.

* If Susan Boyle had not existed, the Noughties would have had to invent her to prevent the decade from crashing into its own looking glass

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Posted: 20th, April 2009 | In: Celebrities, Key Posts | Comments (5)