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Avril Lavigne is getting married to Nickelback’s singer, which isn’t weird

CANADA is not known for a terrific musical output (Neil Young and Joni Mitchell aside). They gave us The Crash Test Dummies, Justin Bieber, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, the awful Arcade Fire, Barenaked Ladies and more. Someone needs to be culpable for all this dreck.

However, two of the worst to emerge from Canadian shores are getting married in a wedding that can only be described as a taste-hole.

Avril Lavigne and Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger are going to tie the knot.

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Starsuckers: Amy Winehouse’s Hair Catches Fire In Michael Jackson Tribute

Starsuckers – new film exposes how Amy Winehouse’s hair caught fire in trouching tribute to Michael Jackson…

starsuckersIN Starsuckers, a group of documentary film makers in London’s Brick Lane take on the role of actual tabloid journalists by trying to plant fake celebrity stories in the national press.

Says the film’s director Chris Atkins in the Guardian:

“We consumed a lot of coffee thinking about it. How can we do this intelligently? How can we prove our point? But how can we make it funny?”

It’s a great idea. Not too long ago, we got a call from big TV production company asking to speak with Barry Richards, 16, a pupil at the Wat Tyler comprehensive in Grays, and a leading member of the Essex Young Conservatives.

His book, The Little Blue Schoolbook, was a riposte to controversial Little Red Schoolbook, which was published in the UK earlier this year. But whereas the original enjoins pupils to organise strikes and demonstrations, Richards’ version extols the virtues of obedience, patriotism and polished shoes.

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