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Should Sesame Street’s Bert And Ernie Get Married?

SESAME STREET is one of the most forward thinking, progressive shows around. It’s featured civil rights speeches, tackled racism, people talking about their AIDS, poverty… and now, people are calling for it to feature a gay marriage.

And the likely candidates are Bert and Ernie, and there’s even a petition demanding it. They already share a bed and rubber ducky would make an excellent best man.

Anyway, the petition comes from who want the puppets to teach our children that same-sex marriage is okay. Which it isn’t of course. All marriages are stupid aren’t they? You’d have to be nuts to want to get the State involved in your love.

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Big Brother Look-Alikes: Nathan, Bert, Dave And Marc Chapman

BIG Brother is 13 weeks of Davina McCall shouting at an empty room as even Channel 4 realises that the only thing to do with people keen to appear on the dead show is to take the piss out of them – which is why 81 fools arrived to stand in line while 14 of their number made the cruellest cut. OK– not 81 fools. Steve Gill had his legs blown off in Northern Ireland where he was a serving soldier. Steve Gill wins the show. But before you look away, here are a few look-alikes…

Big Brother 11 2010: Housemates In Pictures And Nicknames

Big Brother: Rachael White (Beyonzee) And Corin Forshaw (Fraudon) Flash The Flesh: NSFW


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