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Stephen Gately: SADS, Betting And Suicide Bombs

7913372UPDATE to the Stephen Gately Death Speculation: Having ruled out suicide, murder, gayness, drugs, drink and vomit the Daily Star says:

“Gately was killed by a dodgy heart”.

Medical experts” say Gately was a “ticking time-bomb”. Not a bomb that would hurt anyone else, you understand; more a time-bomb that would kill only him and cause pain to those around him.

But this is not a tale of suicide nor of suicide-bombs, but of a young man’s death being treated as a spectacle and a topic of speculation.

A Doctor Sanjay Sharma is the “UK’s leading expert on Sudden Adult Death Syndrome”. Such an expert is he that Mr Sharma can examine Gately without actually meeting him:

“His lungs have been waterlogged very suddenly, suggesting his heart has failed. That is a heart attack…. If I was a betting man I would say it was an electrical fault. The heart would go into a fatally fast rhythm – around 300 beats a minute… Often in these cases, the first symptom is death.”

As a betting man. Anyone want a second opinion?

The coroner’s office in Majorca tells us that Gately died from pulmonary oedema, as we’ve learned. But the Star adds this:

“Lung infection, smoke inhalation and adverse reactions to drugs ranging from aspirin to cocaine can cause pulmonary oedema.”

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