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Modern Job Ad Of The Year: Beyonce Pays Her Interns In Selfies

WANT to wok for Beyonce Knowles, the minter pop goddess? Well, here’s is your big chance to live the dream – to get paid in selfies:


Screen shot 2014-04-07 at 22.29.28



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Beyonce Knowles Super Bowl derp and Mr Microphone show in photos

DID you stay up to see Beyonce perform in New Orleans? It was tough going. In the UK, the show was broadcast in the early hours of the morning. To make it harder to stay up that late, the event was squashed between something called the NFL Super Bowl XLVII football game, a contest between the lycra-clad San Francisco 49ers and the shoulder-heavy Baltimore Ravens. Staying awake was testing for any metrosexuals not into 1980s fashions. But if you put in the hard yards, Beyonce was there. You got to see Destiny’s Child reunited – shame the extra ladies lost their voices whenever Beyonce sang ,or their Mr Microphones had failed at the last – and the birth of the Beyonce Derp meme.  How committed to the show was Beyonce? Get a load of the game face. She was all in:

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Why Beyonce mimed at Obama’s inauguration

WHY did Beyonce Knowles mime America’s national anthem at President Obama’s second inauguration do? The director of the Marine Corps Band, Colonel Michael Colburn, (aka Press 8 on your telephone keypad) says:

“She’s getting ready for the Super Bowl, so we didn’t have a chance to do anything with her until the night, so it’s a very tight window of opportunity.”

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Beyonce Knowles catches Jay-Z head in a door

BEYONCE Knowles spent part of the week showcasing her new nails. Beyonce’s nails feature portraits of herself and husband Jay-Z. Not all fingers are covered with faces, and the thinking is that for the right price you can put your likeness or brand on Beyonce’s nails. A week as Beyonce’s thumb would set you back a cool $1m, while the fourth toe on the left foot – the marketing dead zone – is perfect for online bingo sites and debt management agencies.

Meanwhile, we look out for Beyonce using Jay-Z to picker her nose, illustrating her displeasure at an undertaking truck driver and watching his head hang loose as she catches a nail on a stray diamond…

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Beyonce Knowles beats journalism with her vacation diary for Essence

SIGNS that journalism is dying: Beyonce Knowles has won an award for her writing. The New York Association of Black Journalists has given Beyonce a prize for a ‘What I Did on My Holidays’ article she wrote for Essence magazine.

The article, for those of you who missed it, can be read here. The highlights of Beyonce’s award-winning nine-month holiday are:

“…Here Beyoncé shares her journey with ESSENCE readers exclusively.Whenever I work with ESSENCE, it feels like home. The collaboration is always smooth and the concept of the rodeo took me…”

“…I’m drawn to the ocean. Whether it’s jumping from a yacht…”

“…All over Italy the streets smell like gelato…”

“…I was in the middle of performing “Irreplaceable,” and as the audience started singing, “to the left, to the left,” there was a woman sitting on top of a man’s shoulders in her full, traditional burka. Only her eyes and hands were visible. She was waving her hands to the left, to the left, and singing every word — which I could see because the veil around her mouth was moving…”

“…I discovered I love artichokes…”

“…Anyone can plan a staycation, just make the decision to take time for yourself and explore. Eat alone at your favorite restaurant or the one you’ve always wanted to try. Go to a day spa instead of getting the quick mani-pedi. Grab a friend and visit the closest winery. I’m grateful for the time I gave myself to breathe…”

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Celebrities and their parents – photos

DO celebrities look like their mothers? Or do they all look like one another? Let’s see. Featuring: Beyonce Knowles, Katie Holmes, Jaime Winstone, Kim Kardashian, Henry Holland, Zoe Ball, Miley Cyrus, Leigh Francis, Sienna Miller, Georgia May Jagger, Alicia Keys, Kate Winslet, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Middleton, Hilary Swank, Victoria Beckham and Leonardo DiCaprio…


Picture 1 of 18

Jaime Winstone (right) and her mother Elaine, on the front row at the Vivienne Westwood Red Label Catwalk Autumn/Winter show at the Royal Courts of Justice as part of London Fashion Week.

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Beyonce Knowles’ sand boobs – the Tumblr photos

BEYONCE Knowles wants us to see her sand boobs.

Why do they stare, Mommy. Why?

Spotter: Tumblr.

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Revealed: Why Blue Ivy Carter was named Blue Ivy Carter

ALL hail Blue Ivy Carter, the child of  Jay-Z and Beyoncé Knowles. What’s in a name? Well, ever since ‘Poison’ Ivy Tilsley (left) bitched her last on Coronation Street, the name has been waiting to make a comeback. And Blue has been a decent name ever since Billy Blue Cannon strode on to the High Chaparral Ranch in the Arizona Territory in 1870s.

But not eveyone agrees that Jay-Z and Beyonce just chose the name Blue Ivy Carter based on their fave TV showws.

The Huffington Post notes:

Linda Rosenkrankrantz, co-founder of Nameberry, adds that there was a jazz singer Ivy (aka Ivie) Anderson who sang with Duke Ellington. Do Beyonce and Jay-Z know her?

“Uncertain. But when I heard the name Blue I did think of Billie Holiday and Lady Sings the Blues,” said Satran.

Funny. when we heard the word blue we think of a colour and skin on a British summer’s day.

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Beyonce Knowles And Mum Tina’s House Of Dereon Catwalk Show: Photos

BEYONCE Knowles and her mum Tina Knowles present their House of Dereon Autumn-Winter and Summer 2011 collections, in London, during London Fashion week. Does anyone else think House of Dereon sounds like a place in a Star Trek episode.

It’s far out fashion – but not as we Knowles it:


Picture 1 of 11

Beyonce Knowles takes the applause following her and her mothers House of Dereon Catwalk Show at Selfridges, London, shown as part of London Fashion Week

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T In The Park 2011 ( Photos): Beyonce Knowles Showcases The Thighs

T IN The Park 2011 – in photos. Having introduced the fans to her genitalia at Glastonbury, Beyonce Knowles showed her thighs. Bit by bit each part of Beyonce takes centre stage. By the time she in her 70s, we’ll be ready for her pancreas…


Picture 1 of 15

Beyonce performs at the T in the Park music festival at Balado Park near Kinross.


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Beyonce Knowles’ Freddie And The Dreamers Dance At Glastonbury: Photos

WASN’T Beyonce Knowles just terrify. as she sang and danced at Glastonbury, one of Somerset’s sledding music festivals? She was. Anorak loved the bit where she showed us her Fame Wall – you know, those photos of restaurant owners and staff stood by famous people, like snooker legend John Parrot, Jimmy Savile, and in Beyonce’s case, her husband, Jay Z, and Barack Obama. The other highlight was Beyonce doing The Freddie, the move made famous by Freddie & The Dreamers. It’s always good when a top act does a dance any drunken fool can do at the wedding of work’s Christmas do. Thanks Beyonce. For caring. you knocked us bandy – literally…


Picture 1 of 16

Beyonce performing on the Pyramid Stage at the Glastonbury Music Festival held at Worthy Farm, Pilton.

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Justin Bieber’s Lady GaGa Presents The 52nd Grammy Awards: 120 Pictures

JUSTIN Bieber took his mother Pattie Bieber to the 52nd annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. If you think Bieber looks young, get a load of his mum. Also there was a demure Rihanna, Nicole Kidman’s expression-free forehead, reality strumpet Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi, Lady Gaga pretending to be an am-dram star in the Melton Mowbray Players’ lunch-time rendition of Havisham: The Musical, and then rolling in her own mess, Veronica Mayra was poured into a dress (she forgot to say “when”), Phoebe Price, a dress-needy Nadeea, Katy Perry, Beyonce Knowles, Kathy Griffin, Miley Cyrus and Johnny Dang’s teeth.


Picture 1 of 120

Prince Michael is shown on stage at the 52nd annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.

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Beyonce Knowles Made Whiter For Russian Magazines

BEYONCE Knowles is black, white or somewhere in between. Press your keypads now!

The results are in and we discover that Beyonce is too black for readers of JOY magazine and not coffee-ish enough for readers of GLAMOUR.

For those in the know, Beyonce is a light russet.


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Cerrie Burnell And The Deformed Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, Phelps And Cristina Aguilera

CERRIE Burnell, a new presenter on the CBeebies channel, is missing the lower part of her right arm. Like Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, Michael Phelps and Cristina Aguilera – and more showbiz greats – Cerrie has a deformity.

No need to look for it – she was born without. Still, mums and dads will look. On the show’s web forum:

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Lily Allen’s New Shh Rihanna Tattoo And Mobile Library

LILY Allen has a tattoo on her finger. She is now a walking text message.

Allen’s self-labelling is good for her image, and her marketing. And is a hobby that should be encouraged by Gordon Brown, who can excuse his Government’s quotidian comment on a celebrity by saying how the sight of a young woman encouraging reading is both a fine and a noble thing.

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Peta’s Dumb Animal Of the Month: Beyonce Knowles

PETA, the spokes people for dumb animals likes Beyonce Knowles. sh kind to animals. She good woman. She…  left Munchie, her dog, at the office…last summer:

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Beyonce Knowles Illustrates The Sixth Rule Of Tabloid Journalism

THE Rules of Tabloid Journalism. Rule 6: The Golden Globes must always be illustrated by picture of a woman’s cleavage.

In more enlightened times the cleavage may belong to a man. For now, though, a woman is all.

The Sun illustrates news of the year’s first film industry AGM with a picture of Beyonce Knowles, who did not win a gong nor even star in a film up for one.

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Jessica Simpson And Beyonce Model The Celebrity Army Uniform

WHEN the celebrity army is fully gathered and ready to wage terrible war, this is what they’ll be wearing:

As modelled by Jessica Simpson (tank division)  Beyonce (Logistics) and Eliza Dushku (infantry)…


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Lily Allen Watch: Beyonce’s Pits And Lily Allen’s Rampant Rabbit Thriller

LILY Allen Watch: Anorak’s look at the day’s top/ most pointless celebrity news stories…

Beyonce Knowles

“The usually-immaculate Ms Knowles rocked up to a film premier with a veritable bush sprouting from her left armpit”Martin Fricker, Daily Mirror

Lily Allen, the woman herself

Lily Allen felt a right fuel when she ran out of petrol in London3am Girls, Daily Mirror

Lily has en enjoyed being single since splitting with Ed Simons in August. But she’s been moaning about her sex life. So Jaime [Winstone] bought her a Rampant Rabbit Thriller, Vibro Ring, a Joyrider and a Rosebud Stimulator goss girls – Daily Star

More to follow…

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Lily Allen Watch: Dubai Rhys Ifans And Beyonce Knowles Is All Ears

LILY Allen Watch: Anorak’s look at the day’s top celebrity news story…

Beyonce Knowles

We didn’t think ears could be bootylicious but Beyonce Knowles proves us wrong The Star’s goss girls spot a picture Beyonce Knowles with her hair up

Rhys Ifans

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Beyonce Knowles Is Obama’s Wonder Woman

BARACK Obama Watch: THE post-racial world just keeps on changing. Here’s Beyonce Knowles waking up to a new dawn in the World According to Obama (WACO):

In “Beyonce: Now it’s time for black Wonder Woman”, the singer says:

“A black Wonder Woman would be a powerful thing.”

Says the Mail on Sunday:

“And she has likened landing the role to the election of Barack Obama, whose campaign she backed.”

Or not.

What Beyonce actually said was:

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Beyonce Is Sasha Fierce T-Bone Coco The Monkey

BEYONCE would like to be known as “Sasha Fierce”

Just like the “Seinfeld” episode where George wanted everyone to call him “T-Bone,” Beyonce Knowles would like to be known by a bold new name. The R&B singer has christened herself “Sasha Fierce.”

Old Mr Anorak wold like to be known as Mr Old Mr Anorak…


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Beyonce Goes To The Beach With Mobile Sunshade

IN case you missed her, this is Beyonce Knowles at the beach…

Yeah, all that walking sunshade and she has to carry her own urine sample…

Image via Splash

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