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100 Year Old Clare Ormiston Spanks The Care Home Stripper

FOR her 100th birthday present, Birmingham lass Clare Ormiston got a stripper. It’s what she wanted. Well, her first choice was a “seat on the moon”, but building rockets takes time.

The Birmingham Mail tells us how it came about:

Matron Barbara Hancock organised the bash as part of a programme she runs at the home to make sure residents get the birthday wish they want, but also one that will reinvigorate the recipient.

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Quite Obvious Former Smackhead, Bob Dylan, Admits He Used To Take Heroin

TAKE one look at Bob Dylan – who just happens to be celebrating his 70th birthday tomorrow, despite looking and sounding like a 70 year old since around 1964 – and you think, there’s a man who used to like bags of heroin disappearing up his puny arms.

Even the photographs of him in his youth look like he was a smackhead. Of course he was! Just about every singer in the ’60s and ’70s was strung out on the horse at some point!

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Leicester Boy Turns 10 10:10 On 10-10-2010

HAPPY birthday, George Lippitt, from Thurcaston, Leicester, who makes his 10th birthday at 10:10 on this day, the 10/10/2010.

But it might not all be fun for Master Lippitt, as reports tell us:

George, who is a keen golfer, will celebrate with a birthday cake in the shape of a golf course 10th-hole.

Anyone else ever had a cake that looks like a hole?

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Birthday Sadness

FOR those of you reading this without a telephone, internet nor carrier pigeon…

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