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Marvel Are Turning Comics Upside Down With Gender And Race Swaps

THERE’S no two-ways about it – comics have been a bit white, male and hetero. Of course, that isn’t entirely the case, but chances are, your favourite superhero is a straight white guy.

However, everything is turning on its head. Iron Man is getting a new silver suit for a kick off. Okay, that’s not interesting. How about this – Thor is now a woman. It isn’t Thorette or Thorita. Thor is now a woman. About time there was another female leading role in comicsville.

And now, Captain America is red, white and blue… and black.



Captain America Falcon Marvel


Marvel announced that Captain America’s mantle will be taken over by his long-time pal, the Falcon, the soaring superdude from Harlem (who is normally called Sam Wilson).

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Eric Dunn is ‘running though white people neighborhoods’ (video)

ERIC Dunn is ‘running though white people neighborhoods’ with his shirt off…

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Black Women Need To Work More Then Whites

“BLACK women ‘now earn more than white,” says the Mail’s headline.

“Black women are earning more than white women in Britain for the first time.”

The Mail talks of a pay gap of 6 per cent, with black women earning on average £462 a week – against £436 for white women.”

Or as the man talking to the Times says:

The Equality and Human Rights Commission said the figures may be explained by the fact that half of all black women live in London, where average pay is higher than elsewhere in the country.

Which would suggest that – get this – immigrants in search of better life gravitate towards areas of higher pay.

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