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Idiots pictured carrying unexploded bombs between Worbarrow Bay and Tyneham


JESUS WEPT. Some people are dim aren’t they? Take for example, the two fellas who have been pictured carrying a pair of unexploded bombs in a park.

The Ministry of Defence has launched an urgent appeal to find two men photographed ambling through Dorset with two ‘unexploded bombs’ on their shoulders.

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Hear the one about WWII remote controlled bomb-pigeons?

THE thing that really defines Britishness, is the man tinkering around in a shed, coming up with hare-brained ideas. And so, in that spirit, British secret services considered sending “radio-controlled pigeons” on sensitive missions after World War II, according to a diary from a top intelligence officer, which has just been released.

Guy Liddell, then deputy director general of MI5, was briefed on how the flight pattern of pigeons might be controlled by Captain James Caiger, who oversaw the Army’s pigeon loft. Yes really. Liddell believed it might be possible to control pigeons with electric beams. Seriously.

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Essex Boy Juggles With Live Bombs

AS the youth riot in London, Ben Stannard, 13, tosses the World War Two bombs in the air over Margaretting, Essex, and starts to juggle.

Ben, a Hylands School pupil, tells the Essex Chronicle:

“I was waiting for my mum to pick me up and they caught my eye. I thought they were strange, but just bits of concrete, so I started to throw them up and down. Then I noticed the serial number on one of them. When my granddad died he left me a shell casing and it had similar numbers, so I grew concerned, put them down gently and told my mum when she arrived.”

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Bomb Squad Blow Up ‘Suspicious’ Toy Pony

GOOD news is that the “suspicious” toy pony seen by Waterbridge Elementary School, Orlando, Florida, has been blown up by the bomb squad.

The FurReal pony was not a panto horse containing desperate paedophiles and jihadis but was full of stuffing.

To be on the safe side it was bombed.

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