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16 Reasons Why Bulgarians Are Worried About British Immigrants Flooding Their Country

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WHAT do we know about Bulgaria? Well, the story goes that the country is making ready to relocate to Melton Mowbray. Time to know more about our new neighbours:

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Don’t worry about the Bulgarians flooding the country

FOR a lot of them have already left Bulgaria. There aren’t that many left to leave.

As you may or may not know soon enough the Bulgarians and Romanians will be free to immigrate into the UK under the EU rules. They had to wait 7 years before they got the same freedom of movement that the rest of us have and those 7 years are just about up.

So, are we going to see a flood of Bulgarians similar to the flood of Poles we had a few years back? Many of whom have gone home again  but not all.

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Ahmed Dogan: Who is Oktai Enimehmedov?

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Bulgarian Statue To Soviet forces Portrays Them As Superman, The Joker And Ronald McDonald (Photo)

TO Sofia, to see the monument to the Soviet Armed Forces. Bulgarians now know that their land was served by Superman, Santa Claus, Ronald McDonald, Santa Claus, Captain America and The Joker. The legend (bows head) trills: “In step with the times!”

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Dog Spinning In Bulgaria: A Video Of Europe Today

TO the annual dog spinning ritual in the village of Brodilovo, Bulgaria.

The dogs will be spun on a rope suspended over a muddy brook to free the area of bad spirits, rabies, boredom etc.

The spinning hereunder is part of a festival to mark independence from the Ottoman empire.

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And The Cow Jumped Over The Woman

IN Bulgaria, Dana the cow will now attempt to jump 68-year-old Rositza Kasaboba. A roll on the spoons, if you please…

Spotter: Tim. R

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