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Jennifer Hudson Builds Her On BackUp

JENNIFER Hudson’s family are grieving in Chicago. Julian King is dead.

But it could have been different. Soem see pain and blood. Others see a marketing opportunity. In the Chicago Tribune:

Could a bedside shotgun rack have saved jennifer hudson’s family from tragic death?

Well, it makes for a pretty handy self-defence weapon once you’ve unscrewed it from the wall…

Chicago, IL (MMD Newswire) October 28, 2008 — Tragedy strikes in a Chicago home leaving 3 people dead and an Oscar winner forced to identify the bodies of her family.

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Chicago Tribune Endorses A Democrat For President

FOR the first time everever, mind you — the Chicago Tribune endorses a Democrat for president.


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The Greenest Man In America

WHO is Chicago’s Greenest person? No, not the most stupid. Being green no longer means being straight off the banana boat, immature and gullible. It means being smart and up with the latest global warming trends.

The Chicago Tribune goes “hunting for the Chicagoan who has the lowest carbon footprint. “

Any luck?

We found him: Ken Dunn, who rides his bike year-round, eats homegrown vegetables and otherwise leads a sustainable lifestyle.

Great. How can we be like Ken?

Ken Dunn, who is considered the greenest person in Chicago, eats discarded or expired food that he stores in his refrigerator.

That’s so green it’s mouldy. But how green is she, what about his agonists? He’s..:

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Good Grief: It’s Hillary Clinton’s Wake

HILLARY Clinton supporter Kathryn Oberly writes in the Chicago Tribune:

“So on June 4, after the last primary vote had been counted and I could no longer delude myself into thinking Hillary could still win the nomination, I just wasn’t ready to jump on Barack Obama’s bandwagon. It was too soon. I needed time to grieve.

And grieve I did, for an entire month”.

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No Plot To Kill Barack Obama: Breaking

POLICE in Chicago haave found a man with a gun in his car. The Chicago Tribune takes up the story:

Charges are pending against a man who drove up to the security perimeter around Sen. Barack Obama’s home in Kenwood with a gun on the floor of his car this morning, police said. The man also had a bulletproof vest in the car, sources said.

A plot klill Obama, we’d wager:

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Truthers For Barack Obama

WHAT’S the secret of Barack Obama’s success? Steve Schmadeke, of the Chicago Tribune, knows:

Much of Barack Obama’s political success can be traced to a database listing contact information for millions of people, a tool that has proved invaluable in raising record sums of money and organizing a national volunteer network.

So how does that work, then?

Now Obama’s presidential campaign is increasingly using the list to beat back media messages it does not like, calling on supporters to flood radio and television stations when those opposed to him run anti-Obama ads or appear on talk shows.

An example?

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