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Coco Austin sticks out her chest and soldiers into Superstorm Sandy

WHAT does facing disaster bring out in you? When extreme weather in the terrifying shape of Superstorm Sandy slapped into the East Coast of America, how did you fare? As families hunkered down, people died and New Yorkrs looked at Okies with envy, most celebrities took to praying on twitter. Nana Gouvêa, a Brazilian glamour model on tour in the Big Apple, thought it apt to pose atop the destruction. But the star who starred down the Hurricane was Coco. Anorak’s former Woman of the Year (photos) knew what was needed. In an act of everyday heroism, she did NOT zip up her tracksuit top:

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Coco Austin – season’s end

COCO Austin, Anorak’s woman of the Year 2011 and Ice T-‘s wife, has waved adieu to Ice loves Coco, the fly in the thong TV show on the E! channel. She harks back to her “shameless promotion” in which Coco showed us her bounteous buttocks and commanded that we watch her in motion. Granted, Coco is airbrushed and surgically enhanced on the bosom, but that’s just simple physics: it’s all about striking a balance to remain upright. Compare that to this hideous pursuit of thinness and ban on fat. More Coco is required in these times of austerity. Its the like the 1950s never went away


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Coco Austin Laps Up The Miami Surf – Surf Laps Back: Photos

REMEMBER, remember the Fifth of November – that was when Anorak’s muse Coco Austin went to the beach in Miami. As she tweets:

Went 2 the beach & was mobbed by paparazzi!Today I gave them a show & worked it in the water. Your gonna see pics all over the net soon,watch

We watched as American royalty humped the waves. She lapped up the attention – and the waves lapped at her…

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Yiqing Yin Catwalk Nods To Coco Austin’s Thong

FASHION. It’s not porn. It. Is. Fashion. Anorak understood this as we attended the Yiqing Yin Fall-Winter 2011-2012 Haute Couture fashion collection presented in Paris.

Coco Austin might well smiles. She was ever an inspiration...

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Coco Austin Marries Mr Marrow: Ice T Impressed

COCO Austin has been married to Ice T for ten years. Like you, we are thrilled. Anorak’s Woman of The Year and her man renewed their vows on a TV shows that co-starred the classy Tila Tequila, that one-woman content factory. We looked on as the vows were made:

I, Coco Austin, aka Nicole Austin, take thee Ice T to use my backside as a CD racks – and twice on Sundays for LPs.

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Coco Austin Is Fashion Licious: Human Sausage Meat Range In Photos

COCO Austin is heading to your closet. Throw out the romper suits, the shoulder pads and the back panels and hinges – Coco, the walking Chateau Beauvais armoire has fashions. Coco’s range is called Licious – because anything can be licious: Bootylicious, Rooneylicious, Talibanlicious and so on…

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Coco Austin Takes On Kim Kardashian In Big Buttocks Smack Down (With Spartacus): Photos

COCO Austin is the star of a new reality TV show. How did it take so long? Anorak’s Woman of the Year will show Kim Kardashian and her K-Klan built on a leaked sex tape and a massive pair of depilated buttocks what talent looks like on an HD, wide-screen jumbo-tron. (Note to Old Mr Anorak: buy now to avoid disappointment.)

See all and more of Coco here (NSFW)

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Coco Austin Photos Shame Those Vacant Page Three Girls

COCO Austin, Anorak’s Woman of the Year 2010 – now for 2011! – continues to show the Sun’s Page 3 and all other organs of tabloid titillation that the web leads the way in matters of the hearts. While the Sun slaps jarring bon mots on economical and ecumenical matters and noble quotes into their speech bubble mouths, causing the women to look vacant and robotic, mere narcissistic reflections of self-aggrandizing  male desires, Coco is all woman. Twitter is her medium. She’s more engaging than a toilet at a cystitis convention. Coco speaks for herself. This is her latest work…

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Coco Austin Is Anorak’s Woman Of the Year

COCO Austin is Anorak’s Woman of The Year. (Image: that’s her Christmas card.)  She will most likely be Anorak’s woman of the next year to come. Coco is on Twitter dishing it to those who say she’s too big to be a mo-del:

To all these Glamour Magazines that R hating on me. Eat your heart out!Sorry that I’m too thick for you

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