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Fury Over Katie Hopkins Ferguson Tweet But Silence Over Cressida Dick’s Promotions

Shock! Horror! Internet Aunt Sally Katie Hopkins says Ferguson police were right to shoot dead unarmed black man Michael Brown.

The Daily Express is agog:

AS RIOTS rage across America former reality star Katie Hopkins has sparked fury by labelling the death of black teenager Michael Brown “justice with knobs on”.


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Cue the “FURY.

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Mark Duggan, Anders Breivik And Jean Charles de Menezes: Cressida Dick’s Dum-Dum Police Shoot To Kill

MARK Duggan, Anders Breivik, Jean Charles de Menezes, Cressida Dick and those Dum-Dum bullets banned by the Geneva Convention. Alan White reports:

AFTER Norway’s mass-murderer Anders Breivik started firing few of those who were hit had any chance of survival.

He was using hollow point ammunition or ‘dum-dum’ bullets during his killing spree – after first impact the bullet shreds and tears through large sections of flesh causing terrible internal and exit wounds.

According to the outraged Daily Mail on July 26:

“The chief surgeon at a hospital treating victims of Norway’s camp massacre said the killer used special bullets designed to disintegrate inside the body and cause maximum internal damage. Dr Colin Poole, head of surgery at Ringriket Hospital in Honefoss north west of Oslo, said surgeons had recovered no full bullets. He said: ‘These bullets more or less exploded inside the body. These bullets inflicted internal damage that’s absolutely horrible.’”

So horrible, the use of Dum Dum ammunition is forbidden by the Geneva Convention. No country may allow its soldiers to use Dum-Dum bullets in any form when fighting or quelling enemy civilian riots. If they do the leaders of the countries allowing the use of hollow point bullets would be charged with War Crimes.

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Dick Head: Jean Charles de Menezes Deserved To Die

SAYS CRESSIDA Dick, the woman who gave the orders for police to shoot dead Jean Charles de Menezes:

“If you are asking me did we do anything wrong or unreasonable then I don’t think we did.”

Jean Charles de Menezes was guilty of living in the same block of flats as 7/7 bomber Hussain Osman.

Who can argue with Ms Dick’s statement that he deserved to die?

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