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Jacko Chimp Fingers Killer Doc: Daily Sport Sums Up Michael Jackson Case

CAN the Daily Sport sum up the Michael Jackson Dr Conrad Murray death case in one headline? Pretty much, yes.

Now, can someone please bring back the News of The World


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Sunday Sport Goes Tits Up: When Rose West Ate My Guinea Pig

THE Sunday Sport has gone tits up. And the day this news was announced  is… April’s Fool’s Day. It’s fitting, no?

Will it return in the age of free porn on the web? Dunno. But in the meanwhile, here’s a look back at what once was:


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A view of today's Daily Sport newspaper, after the owner of the Daily Sport and Sunday Sport newspapers said tonight that it is to enter administration after failing to pay off its debts.

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Lembit Opik Found On Moon

LEMBIT Opik is the The Sport’s new political columnist, adhering to the paper’s vow to feature  “A right tit on every page”.


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Suicidal Thoughts With The Daily Sport

ANYONE know what percentage of suicides read the Daily Sport? And for another study, does reading the Daily Sport encourage feelings of suicide or are you already suicidal when you buy it?

And for a few pence more, why not just buy the Daily Mail and learn that things can be much worse and usually are.

Much to debate, then, in light of the Press Complaints Commission’s decision to censure the Daily Sport for a “gratuitous article that glamorised suicide” after the tabloid published a “Top yourself tourism” list.

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