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Did David Essex never meet Jimmy Savile, as he claims?

DAVID Essex recalls the Jimmy Savile he never knew. The singer talks to BBC radio DJ Nicky Campbell:

“I never met Jimmy Savile actually…I always thought he was kind of a strange person, but I never met him.”

You might have potted them in the Top of the Pops annual of 1977:

Selected Features:
1) “How Real Is David Bowie?”
2) “David Essex – The Star Success Will Never Change”
3) “Steve Harley – The Toughest Cockney Rebel In Town”
4) “So You Want To Be A Disc Jockey? Well, Here’s How…Says Jimmy Savile”
5) “If You’ve Got It, Then Flaunt It…Says Rod Stewart”

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Celebrities Shun Jade Goody

EARLY reports were that Michael Jackson would be attending Jade’s Goody funeral.

Old Mr Anorak keeps a picture of Jackson above his desk – the one of Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor at David Gest’s marriage to Liza Minneli that suggests all three are melting over a giant candle. OMA says the picture reminds him of his fourth wife during her three-day weekender at Messers Nip ‘n’ Tuck’s clinic.

But now a veil hangs over the image. News reaches us that Jackson will not be at the big Jade party.

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