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Kerry Katona And Jade Goody React To Katie Price Divorce

katie_price-divorceDAY Five of the Peter Andre – Katie Price Divorce Master class: the columnists react to the, er non story…

Fiona Philips

Ask anyone who’s been in a successful marriage for a decent length of time and they’ll say, “you have to work at it”.

Go on, just ask…

Well, to give them their due, Katie Price and Peter Andre certainly worked at theirs. They worked at it in glossy magazines, downmarket magazines, on telly, in books – anywhere they could, they worked it.

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Baby P: The Mother Revealed, Dad’s Grief And The X Factor

BABY P Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Baby P in the news…

DAILY MIRROR: “Baby P mum bid for new ID after jail”

Who’s to say she will get out of jail?

The mother of tragic Baby P could get a new identity when released from jail, it emerged last night.

Could. Such are the facts…

Tory MP Philip Davies said: “The taxpayer may have a huge bill to protect her rights. It’s offensive.”

May. Such is the outrage…

THE SUN: “A father’s grief for tragic Baby P”

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Baby P Is For Baby Porn

BABY P is dead. Baby P was murdered by sadists. The 17-month-old was tortured to death by his mother and two men.

Baby P was first introduced to us in the form of a virtual reality 4-D model. The wounds were smears of red and purple.

Jurors saw the wounds. Then readers saw the wounds. Then Baby P was shown with his face blurred out. But this was not enough.

Now Baby P is on the cover of the Times. You can see his face. You can see his face on the cover of the Daily Star, the Daily Mirror, The Guardian, The Sun and The Independent.

The Mail goes one better. It has “TWO FACES OF BABY P” on its cover.

To the left, readers see the same blond child as on the other papers.

“He reaches out towards an unseen figure behind the camera, and the start of a smile lifts his chubby cheeks, exposing his first baby teeth.” Note his “bright blue eyes and white-blond hair”.

Yeah, blonde.

To the right, the image shows Baby P’s faced “smeared with chocolate to cover the wounds that would kill him”.

Deborah Orr has already seen enough:

As a person with conventional views about how to bring up children, I’d consider a mother who had no shame in presenting her small child to authorities covered in chocolate (as the mother of Baby P did, to hide his wounds) to be neglectful enough. I don’t hold with giving chocolate to babies. I don’t hold with carting them about with food or anything else smeared all over their faces.

But we want to see more of “his beautiful blue eyes and angelic face” that “would melt the hearts of most who met him”.

We want the adrenaline rush of horror. Sky shows its readers “Baby P Death Videos”.

Go, on take a look, if you dare to. You need to know what’s going on.

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