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This Dinosaur Poo Is 40 Inches Long

dino poo


YOU are looking at a very long turd:



Wilkes Formation, Toledo, Lewis Co., Washington

This truly spectacular specimen is possibly the longest example of coprolite – fossilized dinosaur feces – ever to be offered at auction. It boasts a wonderfully even, pale brown-yellow coloring and terrifically detailed texture to the heavily botryoidal surface across the whole of its immense length. The passer of this remarkable object is unknown, but it is nonetheless a highly evocative specimen of unprecedented size, presented in four sections, each with a heavy black marble custom base, an eye-watering 40 inches in length overall.

You can do better. You just need to try… The Dinopoo sold for $10,000.

Spotter: Unnaturalist

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How did dinosaurs have sex? With great difficulty

dinosaur sex

SOME refer to sex as ‘the beast with two backs’ and, if you think about dinosaurs humping, then the saying is quite literal. With horrible spines and spikes, getting off with a dinosaur seems nigh-on impossible, but they had to mate for fear of dying out.

So how did they do it? Barry White, chocolates and enough lube to drown a caveman?

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Why Early Christians Ate Dinosaurs explains why dinosaurs died out, and Christians did not:

When did animals begin to kill and eat other animals?

Animal Hunter After the Flood, God gave people official permission to kill animals for food and eat them. Man could now eat everything, green plants and animals (Genesis 9:2,3). This means that people from Noah’s family could have eaten dinosaurs, if they tasted good.

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