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Daily Mail is shocked by the BBC’s pathetic bar bill

The Daily Mail loves to give the BBC a bashing. Today it bring news that “The BBC has spent more than £100,000 in three years on alcohol”. Lest any readers think the Beeb was buying ethanol to swap down ex DJs’ chairs, the Mail tells us that booze is “spirits, beer and cider and sparkling wine”.

A Freedom of Information act request revealed a total spend of £115,049 in 2013, 2014, and 2015 on wine, beer, cider and spirits.

The BBC employs around 21,000 staff. The bar bill also includes guests, all those celebs and politicos who need greasing up before making noises to deadline. There were 170-odd different panelists on Question Time alone.

A BBC spokesman tells the paper:

“The BBC has clear policies that drinks may only purchased where there is an appropriate business purpose such as production hospitality for guests and costs have come down by 40 per cent compared to this time last year.”

It is an odd state of affairs when a newspaper criticises another media outfit for having too large a drinks bill. What is newsworthy is how remarkably small that bill is, not quite a low as the slate at the Mosul Courier but most certainly not a large stinger.

When did British journalists become such prudes?

In 2015, the late Christopher Hitchens recalled an early brush with a hack in the 1960s. He spotted “a man of impossibly fly-blown and lugubrious appearance; his skin sallow and wrinkled, an unfiltered cigarette in his mouth; his eyes like piss-holes in the snow. Only one detail was required to complete the scene, and at first my disordered senses almost refused to register it. Stuck in the corner of his windscreen was a faint and tattered card that read ‘PRESS’. It was yellow all right. It might as well have been stuck in the band of his hat.”

Meanwhile, in 2016 we’d like to see the Beeb’s bill for smart juices and goji berries. ‘Health before sport’, as they say in the bidding chambers.

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The Dryathon: no, cancer patients want you to drink and have fun

Have you shaved your head for cancer? Have you stopped drinking for Cancer Research UK’s Dryathlon? Stop. Rather, carry on. Drink. Grow your hair and have fun. Abstinence is for the religious and the dependent.

Stopping the booze for a month is like braking as you pass the speed cameras, only to slap your foot on the accelerator as you leave the police zone of intolerance?

Don’t stop. Drink! Your local cancer patient demands it.

PS – yes, if you are worried about booze leading to cancer, then give it up. But, then, lots of stuff has been linked to cancer. Will you give up broccoli, too?


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College Sex Attacks And Prohibition

COLLEGE sex and Prohibition:

“A vast majority of college women’s rape claims involve alcohol. Not long ago, 18-year-olds in many states could drink legally. College-sponsored events could openly involve a keg, with security officers on hand to ensure that things didn’t get out of hand. Since 1984, when the federal government compelled states to adopt a drinking age of 21, college alcohol policies have been a mockery. Prohibition has driven alcohol into private spaces and house parties, with schools largely turning a blind eye.”

Banning drink and drugs never does work

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BBC debunks BBC reporter Victoria Derbyshire’s scare story on an ‘army of drunk children’

victoria derbyshire

THE story about hundreds of drunk children in A&E departments was a front-page shocker. And it was, as we noted, balls. The story was created by the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire. It was bad that another BBC show sought to explain what utter nonsense it was, a scare story created from dodgy figures, a fear of youth and stocked by the therapy industry.

You can listen to the BBC undoing the BBC in this link: drunk kids

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Man drinks corpse toe and gets $500 fine to boot

toe drink

PEOPLE complain when they find a fly in their soup. Imagine for a minute, if you ordered a drink at a bar and there was a cadaver’s toe in it.

Well, one customer at a hotel was fined $500 after he swallowed a human toe at the bar.

The severed bit of corpse had been dropped into a shot of whisky as part of a tradition in Dawson City, Canada, where everyone is clearly mental.

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Whitney Houston Totters Off To Rehab While Prince Scowls At Her

GLASSY-EYED pop diva, Whitney Houston, is not  having a good time of it at the moment. Or rather, perhaps she’s having too much of a good time and it has started to rot her brains and liver.

You see, the Bodyguard singer has had to return to rehab because she (allegedly) likes taking too many drugs and wolfing down too much booze.

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South Africa Promises Drink Drivers Will Be Raped In Jail

IF you are caught drink driving in South Africa you will be raped in jail. If you are not raped, then you might be able to sue the makers of this TV advert for making a false claim.

Brandhouse Beverages, who made the ad, say:

“We wanted to create a campaign which didn’t simply create awareness but changed consumer behaviour so that they never drink and drive again.”

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The London Bar That Sprays Drinkers With A Mist Of Alcohol

IN the Tlicho aboriginal community of Behchoko, Canada, locals have voted to ban alcohol from their community.

In a plebiscite held Wednesday, 256 voters supported the alcohol ban, while 237 voted against it. The plebiscite asked residents if “the consumption, possession, purchase sale and transport of liquor be prohibited” in the community, located about 95 kilometres north of Yellowknife.

In Canada no one can hear you scream. Bansturbation is rife.

Meanwhile in Endland, where everyone is screaming all the time. In the Alcoholic Architecture bar, London:

Adults are often reminded to drink
responsibly but customers entering a new cocktail bar where they are
literally enveloped in a mist of alcohol are warned to breathe

Just 40 minutes inside the venue – which
delivers an intoxicating vapour of gin and tonic – will leave you
feeling slightly merry.

Punters are also advised to don special
protective suits as they enter the walk-in cocktail to avoid going home
smelling like a brewery.

To complement the whiff of G&T the bar is decorated with giant
limes and massive straws to make visitors feel as if they are inside
the drink.

The experience is further enhanced by a special soundtrack featuring the noise of liquid being poured over ice cubes.

Both venues are, of course, uttely horrible places, locals for those who crave boundaries and are unable to appreciate free will…

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