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Boris Johnson, Sarah Palin And Barack Obama Star In Pro-Cannabis Campaign

drug-boris1BORIS Johnson, Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, George Bush, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, David Cameron and Hazel ‘It had no effect on me” Blears star in drugs campaign.

TO prove that taking illegal drugs need be no barrier to a successful carrer in politics, charity Release has launched a deck of playing cards to illustrate it Nice People Take Drugs campaign.

The campaign features such exhibits as Boris Johnson, Sarah Palin, George Bush, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, David Cameron and Hazel Blears.

Says Sebastian Saville, chief executive of Release:

“We developed the deck of cards specifically to show the hypocrisy of politicians who talk about their sterling efforts in the fight against drugs when so many of them have taken drugs themselves,” Saville said. “The UK public are now well aware that politicians appear to live by their own special rules in many areas – we felt it was time to add drug use to the list.

“Many people, including these politicians, have used drugs and have come to no harm but this is mainly because they were not caught doing it…”

“Their careers did not suffer, yet they continue to support a regime that results in thousands of often less privileged people being condemned to marginalisation, incarceration and permanent disadvantage due to personal drug use.”

Had any of these people been arrested for possession of illegal drugs would they have risen to the top?

How To Be A Gangster, By Jacqui Smith And New Labour

Enjoy the gallery:

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