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Typo of the day: You’re Local Professionals in Dublin

FLYER of the day is presented via a letter box by Dublin property agents Lappin Estates:

dublin esate agents




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Dublin man takes statue performing to the next level

IN Dublin, you know you’re a statue when…

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Rescued Welsh Gannet Pecks Out Man’s Eye: Dublin’s John Byrne Saves Rabbit

WHEN Michael Buckland, spotted an injured gannet on a beach in Gower, south Wales, he acted. He picked up the bird and went to deliver it to safety. But thigns went badly. The bird pecked Mr Buckland’s eyeball out of its socket.

Michael Buckland, 38, from Cardiff, weas taken to Swansea’s Singleton Hospital.

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Ireland Takes Wally World Record: Photos

GOOD news for Ireland efforts in Anorak’s Alternative Olympics – they go into the contest as the Where’s Wally world record holders, taking the tittle for the most people dressed as the cartoon character in one urban square. Next week, Manchester hopes to take the title for the most people who look like Shaggy from Scooby Do


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People dressed as the cartoon character Where's Wally in Merrion Square, Dublin, as the 3657 people assembled break the world record for the number of people dressed as Where's Wally during the Street Performance World Championships.

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Queen Wears On-Trend Orange For Irish Trip: Black And Tan So Last Year

HER Majesty the Queen is in Dublin. Elizabeth has selected her outfits in an effort to blend in while also standing apart.

Says Anoraks fashion expert Olive Branch: “Black and tan are soooo 1921…”

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Dublin Landlord Who Banned Queen Elizabeth Arrested In Dublin

LAST time we saw the The Players Lounge, Fairview, in Dublin today, John Stokes, the father of Celtic player Anthony Stokes and the bar’s landlord, was sticking up a huge banner banning Her Majesty The Queen from entry during her tour of Ireland.

Today, the bar was hit by police during an organised crime raid. Stokes has been arrested on suspicion of possessing firearms.

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The Dublin Anti-Austerity March Will Change Nothing: Photos

IN Dublin, 50,000 protestors marched against the austerity package and the bailout – a £85bn euro loan. Posters of Taioseach Brian Cowen were burned outside Leinster house. One man held up a picture of Cowan being offed by a guillotine. Come the revolution…

On The Ha’penny Bridge a big banner declared: THE WORKERS PARTY SAYS NO TO MASS UNEMPLOYMENT.” Well, the workers’ party would. But keeping the public sector workers in work would only add to the problem. The march will change nothing.


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A demonstrator as he joins thousands of people as they march through Dublin City centre in protest against Irish Government's austerity measures.

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Stolen World Cup Penguin Back In Dublin Zoo

KELLI, the stole penguin , is back home. No, she’s not in the ice of Antarctica. Kelli, a 10 year-old penguin, has been returned to Dublin Zoo having earlier been found on the street in Dublin.

It was first believed she was heading to make a bet on Holland to win the World Cup, following a tip from a mystic anchovy called Gail.

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In Pictures: Irish Protest Against Government Cuts Turns Nasty

WHILE you were watching Gordon Brown leave and David Cameron and Nick Clegg produce an advertorial for private schools, over in Ireland, the Gardai have been brawling with protestors marching against government cutbacks outside the Gates of Leinster House in Dublin. You see, Labour fans and monarchists looking to Prince Harry to seize power – it’s not too late. Granted, you might get a club about the head; but it’s never too late to protest…

In Pictures: David Cameron Becomes Prime Minister To Queen’s Delight


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Gardai Clash with protestors marching against government cutbacks outside the Gates of Leinster House in Dublin tonight.

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In Pictures: The ADW Stensual Art Show, Dublin

TO the Stensual art show by Dublin street artist ADW. Works like Dont Pass Go, a portrait of former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, a take on Health Minister Mary Harney and Exchange Stocks for Shares at the Back Loft Gallery.


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Artworks by Dublin street artist ADW entitled 'Dont pass go' at the opening of his first indoor show entitled 'Stensual' 2010 at the Back Loft Gallery in the city.

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In Pictures Then And Now: The Real IRA, Sinn Fein And Dublin Remember The Easter Rising

THE Real IRA were at the Republican Easter commemoration ceremony at Creggan cemetery in Londonderry. They came to mark the Sinn Fein ‘Easter Rising’ of 1916 against British rule. The short-lived rebellion claimed the lives of 794 civilians and 521 police and soldiers. Republican prisoners have barricaded themselves into a dining hall at Northern Ireland’s top security jail. Twenty-eight inmates have blocked the doors of the room at Maghaberry Prison in Co Antrim. Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams addresses a rally in Milltown Cemetery. Taoiseach Brian Cowen greeted President Mary McAleese at the GPO on O’Connell Street in Dublin. There was no trouble. There were no bombs. Diplomacy rules…


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Masked members of the Real IRA at a Republican Easter commemoration ceremony at Creggan cemetery in Londonderry.

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