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Police Hunt Eyeless Portland Truck Driver

mug shot

MUG SHOT of the day comes via Police in Oregon.

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E-Fit Of The Day: Essex Police Seek Man With Unforgettable Hair



E-fit of the day: A 19-year-old man has been arrested after a 56-year-old man suffered “potentially life-changing” injuries when a noxious chemical was thrown over him on Bramble Road in Witham, Essex, on Friday.

Essex Police said the e-fit demonstrated a “strong likeness” to one of the two attackers

Spoter: BBC


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Police Release Two Efits Of Suspects Who Both Looks Like David Cameron

WHEN you see one efit that looks like David Cameron, you laugh.

This one was issued by police in Stockbridge, Hampshire, seeking a man who had conned an elderly woman of £60.A police spokesperson says




And now we see another efit of ‘Dave’ and it’s get us thinking…



Spotter: UsvThem


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Police release this unusual e-fit of man wanted for Essex robbery

Harlow robbery E-fit
DO you recognise this man, wanted in connection with an armed robbery in Harlow, Essex?

The man is alleged to have robbed the handbag from a woman at in the driver’s seat of a gold Volvo.

The man has silver studs across his top lip”. 

(Crazy stuff. Who the hell owns a gold Volvo?)
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Salvatore Perrone: this police sketch looks nothing like him

TO New York , where Salvatore Perrone, 64, is accused of killing three shopkeepers. Perrone, 64, of Staten Island is alleged to have killed the three men with a sawn-off shotgun. Police found the gun at Perrone’s girlfriend’s home in Brooklyn. Isaac Kadare, Mohammed Gebeli and Rahmatollah Vahidipour died in their shops.

This is the police sketch of the wanted man:


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Polish police issue photo of masked man wanted for robbery

DO you know this man? Police in Poland have issued this photo of a man who robbed £10,000 from a bank in Gronowo. To add to the dram, police published the name of the only witness to the caper. Says police spokesman Tomasz Stawarski: “We haven’t excelled ourselves this time. The robber kept his mask on all the time so our artist didn’t have anything to go on apart from the colour of his eyes…It was a mistake to name him. He is now under police protection.

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Jesus wanted for robbery in Grays

TO Grays, Essex, where signs are that Jesus is being a bit of a dick. Police have issued this eFit of a man wanted in connection with an attempted robbery. Do you know him?

Spotter: Your Thurrock


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Efit Of The Day: The Salisbury Mugger Has Hair Like Chewbacca’s Arse

EFIT of the day take us to the scen of an attempted robbery in Wilton. The Salisbury Journal carries an efit of the wanted man.

Says PC Tom Ellerby:

“The efit image is distinctive and someone will know who he is. This was a distressing incident for the victim and I need the help of the public to catch those responsible.”

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Efit Of The Day: The Hampshire Highlighter Haired Mugger

EFIT of The Day: Police in Basingstoke, Hampshire are looking for a man with hair that might have been drawn on with a highlighter pen. Jokes aside, he’s a sod, allegedly:

At around 4.30pm on Friday afternoon, a 73-year-old man was at the Odiham Wharf when he offered a lift to a man who claimed to have sprained his ankle. The man directed the motorist to a country lane where he was assaulted. He then dragged the victim from the car, and kicked him. The assailant punched him and drove off in the injured man’s vehicle. The 73-year-old driver, who is from the Aldershot area, sustained severe bruising and was taken to hospital. He was retained overnight for observation and treatment and is now recovering. SUSPECT: White male. Race unknown but could be either: Polish, Eastern European or even Scandinavian. Suspect was 30-35 years, tall (possibly 6ft ish), broad shouldered, natural looking yellow blonde straight short tidy hair parted on his left and combed to the side (a long crewcut combed sideways) which looked very old fashioned. The face was oval shaped and the skin was fair, in keeping with blonde hair.

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Photofit Of The Day: The Camden Town ET

PHOTOFIT of the day: Metropolitan Police undated handout photo of an efit released by police hunting an armed robber who terrorised four victims in just four days – by showing them his face.

All four robberies took place in Camden, north London, between Sunday March 14 and Thursday March 18.

If you’ve seen this man you won’t be able to forget him…

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Bolivian Police Release Video Of World’s Worst Photo-Fit Killers’ Capture

BOLIVIAN police have used the photofits of Maxine Carr and former Arsenal and Crystal Palace wing wizard Eddie McGoldrick to capture two suspects after accused of killing Rafael Vargas, a taxi driver from the city of Santa Cruz.

A witness created this sketch of a man she said killed Vargas and set fire to the corpse. The likeness to both men was uncanny. This from our South American news man:

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