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Fast food workers protest is the most stupid strike in history

Protestors demonstrate outside a fast food restaurant on Thursday, Aug. 29, 2013, in Los Angeles. Fast-food protests were under way Thursday in U.S. cities including New York, Chicago and Detroit, with organizers expecting the biggest national walkouts yet in a demand for higher wages. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

IN the  US fast food workers went on strike to demand a $15 an hour pay settlement. Up from the current $8 or so they get.

The Guardian rolled out one of the strikers to tell us all what it was about. She raised two children as a single mother, which isn’t the easiest of things to do. She worked long shifts to do so too. But then we get this:

My hours, like many of my coworkers, were cut this year, and I now work only 25 to 28 hours each week. I can’t afford to pay my bills working part time and making $7.85,

What the hell?

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Fast food rebels hail the Wendy’s worker who drank the vanilla frosty straight from the teet

ALL hail the Wendy’s worker who sucked the sweet honey of Frosty vanilla ice cream straight from the teet.

And then Wendy’s sacked him:

@KaEs09 @edwinelchilakil Unacceptable. The person in this photo is no longer at this Wendy’s. We will be reinforcing proper procedures.

wendys_employee frosty

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Fast food joints! Beware the headless driver! (video)

headless prank

IMAGINE you worked for a burger chain and someone drove into the drive-thru… without a head. Would your blood chill to icy levels or would years of watching schlocky b-movies make you laugh like a drain (or attack them with a flame-thrower)?

Well, one chap got to find out and the answer, generally speaking, is a mixture of screaming and bemusement. Humans, it seems, are not at all equipped to deal with the paranormal in a profound way.

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Eating fast food in hospital is one of the ill’s rare joys, don’t ban it

ONE of the few joys of staying in hospital is being able to nip out – or send a friend – and buy fried, buttery, fatty, crispy fast food. I once ran with a very overdue pregnant mate from the maternity ward to the nearby Pizza Hut. Dressed in a jacket over her regulation airy hospital gear and slippers, she demolished a massive deep pan cheese feast washed down with a bottle of coke. She said it was the best food she’d had for days. 

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Giorgio sings for his junk food

GIORGIO orders his junk food:

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Real meals: Will Self eats fast food like a middle class writer would

WILL Self has penned an article in The Times about “Real Meals” – “the ready meals, buffet snacks and — most importantly — fast food that Britons chomp upon in the go-round of their often hurried and dyspeptic lives.”

Can it be the antidote to Alex James’s posh boy take on the fast food industry?


It occurred to me that the whole McDonald’s experience had been enriched by our awareness of healthy eating, becoming a communal exercise in chomping through false consciousness. It made me suspect that the entire McLibel business, Fast Food Nation and Super Size Me had been secretly funded by the corporation to impart the pleasing flavour of guilt to its comestibles.

But what — I hear you cry — did your succulent juicy beef, your Emmental cheese and your toasted, stone-baked ciabatta actually taste like? To which I can only reply: the same old shit.

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