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Carp escapes fishermen by crawling on land


The carp will be the talk of everyone back at base. “You should see the size of the one I got away from,” he’ll boast. Unlike the ergonomic, rhythmic fish, the one the carp got away from was lumpen and possessed of the grace of Donald Trump at a naked yoga retreat trailing a shard of toilet paper from his wobbling seat of power. Fish are from another dimension.


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Brexit brings an end to the Common Fisheries Policy’s bloodsports

Animal lovers should be delighted the UK is leaving the European Union. The UK’s farmers and fishermen tend to abide by the rules. What kind of reaction would there be if British farmers adopted the French habit of force-feeding geese to make foie gras? In 2013 it emerged that Spanish farmers were getting cash under the Common Agricultural Policy to rear bulls for bullfighting.

The latest news from Theresa May’s Brexit folder is that she’ll take Britain out of the Common Fisheries Policy. That’s the agreement that allows European fishing vessels to access waters six to twelve nautical miles from British shores.

The EU says the Common Fisheries Policy aims to ensure that fishing is “environmentally, economically and socially sustainable”. But the quotas, agreed under Ted Heath’s Tory government, allowed Britain’s fishermen 13 per cent by value of the new “common resource”. This led to the depletion of Britain’s fishing feet and the hideous fact that fishermen were forced on pain of law to return to the sea millions of dead fish for which they had no quota.

In 2015 fishermen targeting certain demersal species such as haddock, sole and plaice were told to “land all their catch”. From 01 January 2019, vessels of all gear types will have to land all catches of quota species and count the landings against quota. And: “Non-quota species such as gurnards, lobsters or pipefish can continue to be discarded. Prohibited species will have to be discarded.”

The landed fish – which the fisherman has caught and brought to land at no small effort and cost – can then be used as…landfill.

As for the alternative – and it’s hard to think of a worse one than throwing away tonnes of fish – the BBC notes, a 2016 House of Commons Library paper suggests the UK could allow foreign vessels to fish in its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) – “Outside the EU, an EEZ extends 200 nautical miles (370km) off a country’s coastline, giving the state the authority to exploit and control the fish resources within this zone.”

Over to you, Theresa…

Spotter: Telegraph


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The greatest fishing gif of all time

The greatest fishing gif of all time

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Eagle snatches fisherman’s haul

eagle fishermen copy

FISHING! Such a tranquil, noble past time eh? Languidly staring at the water, tactically working out fishy movements. That’s not blood quickening is it?

Not until an eagle appears from nowhere and snatches the fish you’ve caught with its horrible killer talons!

And mercifully for us, the whole incident was caught on camera so we don’t have to sit in near silence, smoking roll-ups for hours while sat on a bucket of maggots for hours on end.

Fisherman Norman Dreger, so shocked by the whole thing, wobbles and loses his balance.

Dreger explained: “This eagle stole a beautiful Dolly Varden char right off of my hook, then took all my backing and stole my fly too!”

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Fishing on Arthunkal beach, India, is easy

TO Arthunkal beach, India, for the annual arrival of the lemming fish. You can’t help but wonder what force is pushing the fish towards the beach? Bigger fish? Officer-class fish reenacting the Charge of the Light Brigade? The Tesco ranchers rounding up the new breed of GM seahorse?

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Man uses electric stun gun to catch fish – electrocutes himself

READY to go fishing? Got your stun gun? Plugged it into the mains? Check. Electrocuted yourself: Check:

He lived.


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Sarah Palin Pulls John McCain’s Six Down Under

THE Sydney Morning Herald illustrates its coverage of John McCain’s claim that his Vice Presidential running mate Sarah Palin’s family had taken a $US20,000 dollar hit in falling stock prices made her an “ordinary Joe” in fact a “six pack” Babe…

As AGW puts it:

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