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Oh God. One Of Jedward Has Got Married In The Big Brother House To Her From TOWIE

ONE thing we were all counting on  in the BB House (ha! ‘All’ being ‘The three people actually watching Celebrity Big Brother) was that producers of the show were just desperate to drive a big fat wedge between Jedward, like taking a pair of shears to some conjoined twins.

Well, the ball is in motion, with Amy Childs and One Of Jedward (who cares which one) being ‘married’ in the house. With any luck, we’ll see Childs cruelly taking One Of Jedward’s virginity too, while The Other One From Jedward looks tearfully on.

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Posted: 24th, August 2011 | In: TV & Radio | Comment

Celebrity Big Brother Review: Day 1, Where Everything Felt The Same

SOME things had changed in the skewed landscape of (Celebrity) Big Brother. First off, there was no Davina. It was also on a different channel, getting shunted sideways from Channel 4 to Five. And other things had changed too like… er… well… nothing.

See, BB came back with Marcus Bentley providing his usual ebullient Geordie narrative, along with that theme tune, that house, that braying crowd of placard holding dimwits and that sneaking suspicion that this show, while briefly exciting in return, has probably had it’s day.

In previous years, Big Brother has always fared well on the opening night. We can all muster up enough interest to see which poor, beleaguered sod wants to put themselves through the wringer, tuning in to hurl obscenities at them or, more appropriately, shriek “WHO ARE YOU?! NO SERIOUSLY! WHO? YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE A WIKIPEDIA PAGE! YOU PLEB!

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Pamela Anderson And Charlie Sheen Linked To Big Brother: Full List Of Housemates So Far

BAYWATCH! Playboy! Boobies! And that sex tape, PETA with Tommy Lee. These are the things Pamela Anderson is famous for. Not much else, unless you happen to be a really big fan of Barb Wire. And why wouldn’t you be? It’s absolutely brilliant*.

However, something else she should be known for is the fact that, for nearly a decade, she’s been consistently linked with reality shows. Every single time there’s a Celebrity Big Brother, there she is, squarely in the rumours list of possible participants.

And now that (Channel) Five are bringing it back to us (thanks, you really shouldn’t have), Pammy’s name is there again.

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Sky News Takes Credit For Five News Paedophile Sting

SIMON Beard, of Little Harrowden, Northamptonshire, is the paedophile “Jailed After Sky News Sting”. Or was it Five News that got him?

Simon Beard, a “youth consultant”, has been convicted of attempting to incite a minor to commit a sexual act, grooming a minor for sex and a dose of indecent exposure.

He is jailed for 21 months at London’s Southwark Crown Court

And Sky News says it caught him.

He began an online relationship with a 13-year-old girl called “Amy” without realising he was talking to undercover reporters. Beard exposed himself on webcam and asked Amy to do the same.

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