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Missing #AirAsia Flight QZ8501: terrorists only attack on sunny days and other theories

CNN aviation analyst Mary Schiavo give dexpert opinion on Air Asia flight QZ8501:

“At this point, given it was extremely bad weather, the chances of this being some sort of terrorist activity are very small because most terrorist activities take place in good weather.”

On Reddit, experts take a different view:

Did anyone else see this story and the first thing that went through your mind was “Again?”

It seems to defy statistical probability that 3 planes from the same region would meet with a bad end. It also defies rationality that someone would disappear this plane and use it in another false flag op 5 or 6 months down the road. But john q public lives in such a strong media force field, if the “official story” says it’s all a coincidence… most people would still believe it.
Other possibilities come to mind. Someone is testing their remote pilot override capabilities. Maybe at longer distances, or on an Airbus to see if they can takeover non-US built aircraft. There are always more possibilities though. Maybe there was someone special on board?

This is just the beginning of the story though. More information (and dis-information?) will come out with the passage of time. If this really was an accident, I’d expect them to locate some wreckage soon, as well as the black box flight data recorder.

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Journalists go mental and naked on Rihanna’s 777 flight

EVEN though Rihanna is the most annoying popstar on the planet (seriously, we get it – you’ve got a pair of buttocks you’d like us all to see and you will continue to try and make money out of an abusive relationship), even she doesn’t compare to the infuriating potential of a plane filled with Rihanna fans, sycophants and, worst of all, journalists and critics.

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Wow! Video Of Plane Landing Today Without Landing Gear!

PILOTS look like they’ve got a super glamorous life. They fly around the world in their smart outfits and hang around with attractive orange faced stewardesses.

Surely it’s all champagne and sex with those guys?

However, it’s not all sophisticated and classy being a pilot. Sometimes, you’ve got to do insanely dangerous things with loads of people’s lives at stake.

And today, exactly that happened. A Boeing 767 arrived at a Warsaw airport from Newark without landing gear. The super fantastic pilot managed to belly flop the plane and initial reports say that not one of the 230 on board were hurt.

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Gerard Depardieu Decides To Take A Wazz On A Flight, Which Is Understandable

WHAT would you do if you really needed to go to the toilet, but you found yourself stuck on a plane that wasn’t moving? You’d ask a steward/ess if you could go to the ‘rest room’ for ‘a rest’ wouldn’t you?

What happens if that flight attendant say “Non.”

Well, if you are called Gerard Depardieu, you’d flop your old chap out and take a long, drunken piss in the aisle of the plane. That’s exactly what you’d do because that’s precisely what has happened on an Air France flight.

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