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Fear of flying meant boy took 16 months to get from Abu Dhabi to Somerset

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JOE Thompson, 12, took 16 months to fly from the Abu Dhabi to his native Weston-super-Mare, in Somerset.  No, not a RyanAir booking gone awry. Young Joe became terrified of flying. The Times reports that he was only able to return to the UK after “months of preparation by a hypnotherapist, who accompanied him on the journey home.”

One word: boats.

But we’d be wrong. His father ways he was unable to obtain the visa required for a trip by land and sea. So. Joe had to fly or remain in AbuDhabi forever.

Or maybe take a cruise ship?

But, then, what about another word: drugs. We get  no word on them. But they do work.

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Top five celebrity flight faux pas: Boon, Henson, Gallagher, NY Mets, Depardieu and Three Lions


Gavin Henson: icy reception

Gavin Henson’s alcohol-related antics on a flight from Glasgow to Cardiff were mild by the standards of Rugby Union. The Welsh international and occasional reality TV star threw ice cubes and generally acted the goat, but did nothing truly appalling.

Nevertheless this was enough, in these squeaky-clean times, to get him sacked by his club Cardiff Blues.

Surely some perspective is need here. After all, it’s not as if he’s the first celebrity to roll in the gutter while soaring through the skies, as you will see from our Top Five Celebrity Flight Faux pas….

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