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Ronan Keating’s Spare Bedroom Antics: Francine, Yvonne And Pictures

WHAT news of Boyzone’s uber alles haired Ronan Keating, wife to Yvonne and friend to dancing stunna Francine Cornell?

The Greatest Love Is A Roller Coaster Pictures Ever

The News of The World tells readers:

Yvonne lets him back in the house (but puts him in the spare bedroom)

Hope the PRs let us know when Ronan and Yvonne shag again. Keep you posted, readers. unless they are shagging in the spare bedroom, in whish case, relief all round

In the Mirror’s just as “EXCLUSIVE” exclusive, Dean Piper and Adrian Butler say:

Ronan Keating wins wife back


Boyzone star is writing love songs to keep her

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Sleazy Ronan Keating, Francine Cornell And Jan Moir’s Strange Column

BOYZONE’S Ronan Keating is linked to the blonde Francine Cornell and the web erupts in angry reaction to Jan Moir’s non column in the Daily Mail.

Stephen Gately in pics

Keating’s “sleazy” heterosexual lifestyle has yet to be condemned by Moir, as so rightly it should be. Anorak has spoken with leading lights of the gay media, and all are dismayed. Says one hack, a leader writer at the Telegraph:

Whatever the cause of sex is, it is not, by any yardstick, a natural one. Let us be absolutely clear about this. We look to Jan Moir to offer us an explanation so we can best make sense of the perversion.

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Ronan Keating And Francine Cornell: Pictures And Love And On Your Knees

DID you know that Ronan Keating is “in love” with Francine Cornell, the blonde backing dancer now pushed to front stage centre? Lara Gould, Simon Wright and Dean Piper tell Mirror readers that the Boyzone singer with the uber alles hair is “in love” with Cornell and has been seeing her for seven months.

The paper says Cornell chucked her boyfriend of three years Nick Robbins for Keating, perhaps because cheating is wrong and Cornell wanted to see only one man at a time?

Nick’s father Royston explains in a commentary rich in detail:

“…He took her all over the world on holidays. She moved into his Chelsea flat and he helped her career…The last time I saw her was at a birthday dinner my wife and I attended with Nick and her a few days before they went off to Portugal. It was at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant in London…

“The next thing I heard was that she had told him, in front of all their friends on holiday, that she wanted to end things. It was October 25, Nick’s 30th birthday.”

Fetch the knife, the fork and the spoon and stick them right in.

“Nick was really upset. But he wouldn’t have a bad word said against her.”

Good-oh. Anyhow, Ronan is “in love” with Cornell. And love will triumph:

He is “besotted” with Francine – who he met during last year’s Boyzone tour – and even considered leaving his wife Yvonne to set up home with her.

All facts. And it is beautiful.


Writing in the Irish Indy, Niamh Horan draws a tableau of love in its purest form:

Yvonne had met her on countless occasions when she hung out with the band and their dancers backstage at gigs and tour after-parties.

At one stage Yvonne had even seen the woman gyrate with her husband on-stage. In one of band’s typically raunchy routines, Francine would wrap her stocking-clad legs around Ronan’s waist and hold onto his neck as they smiled excitedly into each other’s eyes and danced to the beat of the music. But according to Ronan it was all an onstage act. They were just showbiz colleagues and good friends, he swore. Anything else was pure speculative nonsense.

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