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Fulham Balls: How Michael Jackson Got The Cottagers Relegated

UNSURE why Fulham have been relegated from the Premier League? Mohammed AL Fayed knows:

“This statue was a charm and we removed the luck from the club. When (Shahid Khan) asked me to move it I said ‘You must be crazy’. But now he has paid the price because the club has been relegated.”

The statue was, of course, this one of Michael Jackson, erected outside Craven Cottage in April 2011.





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Fulham: When Ex-Manchester United Coach Rene Meulensteen Picked An Elephant To Play For Brondby


FULHAM’s new Head Coach, Rene Meulensteen gets a mention in Per Nielsen’s autobiography 4 Per Nielsen – Brøndby for evigt?. Rene coachjed Per at Danish club Brøndby IF.

Meulensteen immediately changed the daily routines around the squad. At first, a lot of small things like when the club had to train and when they had to leave for matches. Later he decided to change the colour of the hallway leading to the team’s locker room at the stadium from yellow (which is Brøndby’s shirt colour) to green. This was intended to give the player’s hope and calm them down when they went from the pitch to the locker room after the first half. He explained to the squad that since they were excited after the first half they needed to calm down a bit. Nielsen, and the rest of the squad, were wondering why this was important because they needed to be ready and excited for the second half a moment later anyway.

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Fulham: Martin Jol Explains Pajtim Kasami’s Brilliant Goal Against Crystal Palace

FOOTBALL Quote of The Day: Fulham manager Martin Jol has a few words on Pajtim Kasami’s brilliant goal against Crystal Palace. Can it be compared to Marco Van Basten’s memorable volley for Holland?

“That was totally different, you can’t compare the two…but this was better.”

‘Nuff said.


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The 20 indignities at English football grounds (featuring Arsenal, Aston Villa, Celtic, Charlton, Fulham, Newcastle, QPR, Spurs and Wolves)

FOOTBALL fans and all decent people everywhere will have been cheered to hear that Fulham Football Club has finally got round to taking down the statue of Michael Jackson that has besmirched Craven Cottage for the past few years. Former owner Mohamed Al Fayed, who erected the statue in 2011, is apparently considering selling it to raise money for charity.


Good news for all those who believe that sporting establishments should be treated with respect and dignity.

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Cardiff City fan Neil Kinnock is a football hooligan?



FORMER Labour party leader Neil Kinnock, now working as Baron Kinnock of Bedwellty is, allegedly, a football hooligan. Kinnock was was reportedly kicked out of his seat while watching Cardiff City play Fulham at Craven Cottage this weekend after upsetting home fans by “wildly celebrating” his side’s goals.

According to the Telegraph, Kinnock provoked “angry responses” from the Fulham fans sitting around him by jumping up and down following Steve Caulker’s 12th-minute opener and was then seen again “going bonkers” – having already been escorted (along with his two grandchildren) to a different part of the stadium – when Jordon Mutch scored his sublime 90th-minute winner.

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After Fulham: Where does the Michael Jackson statue go now?


THIS week  Fulham uprooted Michael Jackson, or rather a statue of the King of Pop. It turns out it really was a statue and not a 7feet tall Jacko standing very still so as to start over.

Once upon a time, Mohamed Al Fayed created this effigy to the King of Pop and said anyone who didn’t like it could “go to Hell”. Jackson was, after all, a Fulham fan, although not in the same vein as Citizen Smith or Keith Castle (1st British Heart Transplant patient) because he only went to won match. In 1999, Jackson was there to see Fulham beat Wigan 2-0.

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Jose Mourinho turns down Chelsea to sign for Fulham

Inter Milan manager Jose Mourinho celebrates with his son after the final whistle

JOSE  Mourinho has joined Fulham? Can it be that the Chelsea bosses has quit the Blues for their local rivals?

Not quite.

Jose Mario Mourinho, Chelsea manager Jose Snr’s 14-year-old son has left Real Madrid’s Canillas youth side to join the Cottagers on a 12-month contract.

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Mark Hughes shocker: Tony Fernandes wants QPR to emulate the mighty Fulham

MARK Hughes, the former Manchester United striker, left Fulham FC in June 2011. He later returned to football management with QPR in January 2012. Said he:

“I simply felt my ambition for where I wanted to take the club was not being matched. Historically, Fulham were a club who were happy to be in the Premier League and that was their ambition. But it was not my ambition for them…Fulham were probably a bit too honest with me. They were saying, “We know exactly what you’re about, Mark, but really we are just quite happy to stay in the Premier League”.’

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ESPN Was Rather Rude About Fulham’s CLINT Dempsey: Caption Fail

CLINT Dempsey plays football for Fulham and the USA. The chaps on ESPN don’t think that much of him…

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Jamie Redknapp’s Not In The Least Bit Homoerotic Appreciation Of Fulham’s Bryan Ruiz

JAMIE Redknapp, formerly of Bournemouth, Spurs and Liverpool, takes time out from whispering about package holidays to tell us that Fulham’s new player Byran Ruiz has caught his eye:

Bryan Ruiz is a going to be a player. I watched a lot of him last year for Twente and he really does have the lot; he’s a tall, good-looking boy with the long hair and you can’t help but notice him. More importantly he’s got a lovely left foot, he strikes the ball sweetly and is an elegant footballer, a very nice mover…

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Fulham’s Philippe Senderos Says Newcastle’s Joey Barton ‘Comes In Footballers’ Faces’ (Video)

PHILIPPE Senderos (formerly of Arsenal and Everton, now with Fulham) is on ESPN’s Talk of the Terrace. He’s talking about tumbling Joey Barton:

“I think with Joey Barton you know what to expect. He’s going to come strong in the tackle and he’s gonna come in your face.”

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Fulham To Get Michael Jackson Statue: Chelsea Make Do With Torres

HAVING sold Harrods, Mohammed Al Fayed will now locate his statue of Michael Jackson to Craven Cottage, home of Fulham FC.

Says Mo:

“I hope that many fans of his will visit the statue, and that Fulham fans will appreciate seeing the finest performer in the world, in and amongst them, the finest fans of the world.”

Anorak likes this approach to statues at football grounds. If no players are starry enough, or dead enough, to recall in cement, then why not pick one of the chairman’s favourite acts?

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In Pictures: The Leaders’ Debate And Other Party Games

WELL done again to Fulham’s Roy Hodgson for winning the leaders’ debate by a country mile. Nick Clegg hopped about and said nothing much in an a friendly way (albeit with ugly Dutch tie); Gordon Brown managed not to call anyone a bigot for disagreeing with him; and David Cameron actually – and this is incredible – seemed like he might win the vote. As for the pictures – well, you out your left foot in…

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Roy Hodgson Wins Prime Minister’s Debate: Fulham Rejoices In Pictures

NICK Clegg, David Cameron, Gordon Brown – your efforts took one helluva beating. Roy Hodgson takes Fulham to the final of the Europa League.


Picture 1 of 14

Roy Hodgson, Fulham manager

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Fulham Rout Manchester United 3-0: In 31 Pictures

FULHAM 3 – Manchester United 0: in pictures. Fulham fans enjoy your moment. There is only F in Fulham. And three goals in United’s net. Goals from Bash Street Kid Danny Murphy, Bobby Zamora (When you’re sat in Row Z and the ball you’re your head – that’s Zamora; no more) and Damien Duff completed the win. Michael Owen for England, goes the call. Michael Owen for Division 1, comes the answer. Roy Hodgson’s Fulham were superior in every area of the pitch. This was a comprehensive win. And now Fulham fans can enjoy the pictures – as can the rest of you:


Picture 1 of 31

Fulham's Bobby Zamora celebrates scoring his sides second goal

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Robert Plant Introduces Today’s Premier League Photos

7709307ON the opening day of the Premier League season Robert Plant is being made a vice president of Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Yeah, vice president, another Americanism that has crept into British football.

This is Robert Plant CBE, Current Best Employee, or whatever that acronym now means…

It turns out that Wolves should have played Plant up front, in defence – hell, anywhere he liked. He’s the VeePee, dude…

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What We Learnt In Football This Weekend

“THERE is no Norwegian words for ‘baptism of fire’…” – Roy Hodgson, manager of Fulham FC, on Norwegian player Brede Hangeland’s performance against Aston Villa.

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