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Gay Girl In Damascus Is Dead In Syria: Robert Tewdwr Moss Murdered In London

IS GAY Girl in Damscus real or not? Is Amina Abdulla Arf a lie designed to bring shame on the Syrian regime – the regime that killed Hamza al-Khateeb and pays famers to be shot at by Israelis – and sell movie rights? Madame Arcati investigates:

AS the world (ie a few cock-cunting or cunting-cock journalists) wonder about the identity and whereabouts of the A Gay Girl In Damascus blogger – apparently disappeared while the actual proud owner of Gay Girl’s faked face came to life boo-hooing on BBC2’s Newsnight about internet stolen identities (the perils of) – let us not forget A Gay Guy In Damascus.

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Posted: 10th, June 2011 | In: Key Posts | Comment