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Gay Girl In Damascus Is Dead In Syria: Robert Tewdwr Moss Murdered In London

by | 10th, June 2011

IS GAY Girl in Damscus real or not? Is Amina Abdulla Arf a lie designed to bring shame on the Syrian regime – the regime that killed Hamza al-Khateeb and pays famers to be shot at by Israelis – and sell movie rights? Madame Arcati investigates:

AS the world (ie a few cock-cunting or cunting-cock journalists) wonder about the identity and whereabouts of the A Gay Girl In Damascus blogger – apparently disappeared while the actual proud owner of Gay Girl’s faked face came to life boo-hooing on BBC2’s Newsnight about internet stolen identities (the perils of) – let us not forget A Gay Guy In Damascus.

He’s dead now and he wasn’t Syrian. His name was Robert Tewdwr Moss and he wrote a classic travel book called Cleopatra’s Wedding Present. For an insight into the repressed cock-cocking realities of Syria, order your copy now. British author Robert lost his life not in some dusty souk but in grimy London. His murder was greeted with near-universal indifference by the British media – because he was a grown-up cock-cocker – and in one instance, with chippy mockery by one of the Duncan Campbells (in the Guardian).

So let us celebrate the British media’s sudden interest in Syria’s Gay Girl. Whoever she/he/it is.

A reader writes in response:

Dearest Madame,

Your blog on the inequities of reporting between the disappearance of Gay Girl in Damascus and the fate of Robert Tewdwr Moss piqued my interest as always, but for a couple of reasons. [See posting below this to catch up]

Gay Girl in Damascus, as an internet text, is an inspiring document, but also very zeitgeisty. The author, a US-educated woman who made a conscious decision to return to Damascus knowing that she would face oppression, is a middlebrow American movie heroine in the making. In fact I’m waiting for someone to option the blog for a film in which Megan Fox will play said Damascus Gay Girl in a dead-eyed bid for an Oscar.

I rather fear that while Gay Girl from Damascus faces torture and rape at the hands of the Syrian secret police we will be turning what she left behind into the new Kite Runner.

Secondly, I was in Syria for nearly three weeks last year, and spent five days in Hama, where a lot of the political unrest is centred (this is nothing new – it was the stronghold of the Muslim Brotherhood many years ago and al-Assad levelled all but a single street of what must have been a beautiful old town to get rid of dissent). We also spent four days in Aleppo, where Tewdwr Moss recounts [in Cleopatra’s Wedding Present] meeting a young gay man whom he named “The Moon Child” on account of his wide round face and startling green eyes.

I’m happy to report that Moon Child is very much still with us and working with his brothers in the souks of Aleppo, which have as yet not quite been turned over to the tourists and remain somewhere you can buy the polyester bedspreads, coffee whitener and pleather mules that form the backbone of commerce across the Islamic world. Just don’t, if you ever go there, buy the macaroons, as they taste of the diesel on which the baker runs his oven.

Ever yours, C

Cleopatra’s Wedding Present, buy here. – MA

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