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Off with the Beeb’s cowardly time-serving heads – let Liz MacKean wield the axe

THE most unlikely scenario to cure what ails Aunty Beeb seems to be blindingly obvious.

Get Liz MacKean back and promote her along with some of her colleagues to a senior level where they can either blow the whistle on – or actually start the ball rolling on sacking Jeremy Paxman’s “cowards and incompetents”.

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George Entwistle and the conniving BBC Trust put a question mark after the news

GEORGE Entwistle has resigned his job as Director General of the BBC. He walks away with a huge £450,000 pay off. That’s twice what he was due under the terms of his contract. Thanks, GE. Thanks for taking the fall. Thanks for resigning and not forcing the BBC Trust to sack you, an action which would have secured you 12-months salary, rather than your six-months pay for resigning, as per contract.

So. For taking an early bath here’s 12-months salary and no stain on your CV.

How’s that for speaking truth to power at the trusty BBC?

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George Entwistle’s resignation let’s in new BBC boss Tim Davie

YOU can says one thing in George Entwistle’s favour. The hapless journalist’s resignation from his post as BBC director general made 24-hour rolling news worthwhile. The Beeb last updated new of his departure at 4.41am.

Mr Entwistle issued a statement:

“I have decided that the honourable thing to do is to step down.”

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