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Devon graffiti watch: who wrote ‘Gingers smel of piss’? on the B3227?

devon graffiti


Is all graffiti wrong? The Plymouth Herald says “RUDE graffiti” has been scrawled on a Devon road.


The message went:

‘Gingers smel of piss”


The misspelled statement was daubed on the B3227 between the village of Chittlehampton and Holsworthy.

Who did it? And why didn’t they alter the sign to Chittlehampton to say Shittlehampton?

It’s a mystery.

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Who Drew This Massive Knob On The Banksy Artwork On A Folkstone Wall?



SAD news for art fans. A critic has augmented a Banksy artwork on Folkestone’s Rendezvous Street with a generous penis.

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Funny Canadian Graffiti Of The Day: The Poison Flute

canadian graffiti

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I Love New York: Graffiti Orders ‘Banksy Go Home’

IN New York, signs are the locals have had enough of Banksy’s stunts:

 new york

Spotter: Brendan O’Neill

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Teenager carves name into ancient Egyptian Relic

graffiti relic

ON a holiday to Egypt with his family from Nanjing, China, the 15-year-old boy scratched “Ding Jinhao was here” on a 3,500-year-old Luxor relic, reports Weibo

Yep. Ding left his mark. What price nominative determinism?

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Nuxuno Xän’s bushy afro in Fort De France, Martinique


WE love great graffiti. This is a work by Nuxuno Xän, in Fort De France, Martinique. See more great art here.

Spotter: Street Art Utopia.

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Graffiti needs updating for summer – image of the day

UPDATING Graffiti:

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Local News Photo Of The Day: The Graffiti Woman

LOCAL news photos of the day comes to us via Alistair Coleman. The Northern Echo reports on the innocent victim of graffiti thugs…

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Kelly Zierdt, 11, Is Up Before Judge For Writing Her Name In Wet Cement

KELLY Zierdt is the 11-year-old New Jersey sixth-grader up before a judge on a charge of writing her name in wet cement outside their Middlesex Township Middle School. Police captured Zierdt and her mates in the act of writing her name.

And then, as her dad says, the situation “has snowballed into this giant catastrophe“.

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The Wisest Graffiti Ever: A Gallery

GRAFFITI can be great. It can be patronising, uplifting and knowing. It can make you think. Anorak has pulled together a gallery of the greatest graffiti of wise words…

How all pictures are safe for work.

In Pictures: Kabul’s Talibanksy Bomb Their Banksy Visions
Banksy Walks On Water For Global Warming: In Photos
Rebecca Harrison’s Pilgrimage To Bethlehem’s West Banksy


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