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Harriet Harman wants ‘deadbeat dad’ Jacob-Rees-Mogg to wake up and small the shit

rees mogg nappy


If you go to work, make money and provide well for the large family you love, you are, in the words of Harriet Harman, a “deadbeat dad”. To be a good dad, a lively one who matters, you need to wake up and smell the shit, literally.

Harman, the former deputy leader of the Labour Party last seen wooing women to vote Labour by driving around in a – I kid you not – pink bus in her bid to “bring politics to the school gate and the shopping centre”, turning women into a special-interest group, says Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg is a prime example of a “deadbeat dad”.

Celebrity stuff-shirt Rees-Mogg thought it wise to tell everyone after the birth of this sixth child Sixtus that he’d never changed a nappy. “Men who don’t change nappies are deadbeat dads – and that includes Jacob Rees-Mogg,” said Harman.

It’s the kind of preachy micro-management of our lives we should all kick back against. Do we care that the State approves of our ability and willingness to change a nappy? The State should get its nose out of your business – and your kid’s business, too.

For added look-at-me nonsense, Harman also wants all MPs to get six months’ paid parental leave. Hard cheese, mum and dad. You earn enough to hire child care, but Harman wants you at home. You can’t be a working parent. You just can’t.

Who pays for Harman’s regressive ideas? Is there a locum MP to step-in? Or maybe Harman and lots of other nannies can be left to run everything..?

Spotter: Guardian

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Harriet Harman: naked Kim Kardashian is pioneering but topless Page 3 Girls are fodder

kardashana page 3


See if you can fathom what it is Harriet Harman, the Labour former deputy leader, is saying. Appearing on ITV morning telly to talk about women’s issues, Harman turned to nudity, celebrity, Page 3, onanism, feminism and narcissism. Yeah, she was talking about naked-to-deadline, sex-tape stunna Kim Kardashian:

“I am an expert on the Kardashians, I have to confess.  I think, if you step back, the overall message that comes out of the Kardashian women is that they are kind of going to make their own decisions, make their own way in the world, they’re not going to be told by anybody what to do.

“They are going to try things differently. If they make mistakes, well, they’ll get up back and try and do it differently. There’s a kind of bravery and pioneering spirit in them.”

Kim’s porn and naked pictures are” brave and pioneering”. Kim’s like Amelia Earhart, albeit with a better airplane.

Now Harriet talked about the Sun and Daily Star’s Page 3 girls, who are mostly not rich:

“I think it’s an issue of control actually, because I get the sense from the Kardashians that they are in control of their own agenda. The thing about Page 3 girls in the Sun is it was male editors producing young girls for the male readers as fodder.”

No male readers ogle Kim Kardashian? No women read the Sun? No Page 3 Girl wanted to pose topless? Male editors get young girls as “fodder” but young Kardashians on TV stations  and Twitter – any men on the board of MTV, Instagram or Twitter? – are empowered and possessed of the pioneering spirit?

What hideous elitist balls.

PS – Rupert Murdoch, why not get Kim Kardashian on Page 3? Admittedly, you’ll have to tell it’s just topless, but if she tones it down a notch, Harman will be even more confused.

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Paedophiles like Jimmy Savile are ok: it’s the quality of the abuse that matters

JON Henley writes about his Brave New World in the Guardian:

In 1976 the National Council for Civil Liberties, the respectable (and responsible) pressure group now known as Liberty, made a submission to parliament’s criminal law revision committee. It caused barely a ripple. “Childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in with an adult,” it read, “result in no identifiable damage … The real need is a change in the attitude which assumes that all cases of paedophilia result in lasting damage.”

It is difficult today, after the public firestorm unleashed by revelations about Jimmy Savile and the host of child abuse allegations they have triggered, to imagine any mainstream group making anything like such a claim. But if it is shocking to realise how dramatically attitudes to paedophilia have changed in just three decades, it is even more surprising to discover how little agreement there is even now among those who are considered experts on the subject.

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Harriet Harman And Alastair Campbell’s Labour Party Working Son Calum Star In Equality Masterclass

HARRIET Harman, Deputy leader of Labour Party, and champion of equality (for everyone else) is now on the same team as Calum Campbell. Young Calum is, reportedly, the 22-year-old member of the Labour Party’s fundraising team. His dad is called Alsitair Campbell. You may recall Harman upbraiding Nick Clegg – whose got a job in baking partly though his dad’s connections – for nepotism and how all the best jobs go to sons and daughters of the elite:

I am afraid that the Deputy Prime Minister gave up the right to pontificate on social mobility… When I heard that he was going to launch a commission on social mobility, I thought that it was April Fools day. In just 10 months this Tory-led Government have launched an assault on opportunities for young people, especially the poorest….

For many young people, mobility now means a bus down to the jobcentre…

Next he will be foxtrotting down to the Tory party’s fundraising ball, auctioning City internships for the children of the highest bidder. Is that not the Government’s idea of social mobility? We have further to go, but they are turning the clock back… He may be a man on a mission, but with him at the helm, it is mission impossible.

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Harriet Harman: Equality Is OK For Everyone Else

HARRIET Harman is all for equality and giving every one a fair chance based on merit. This is why she is able to mock Nick Clegg and his comments on social mobility.

Harman, a niece of biographer Lady Elizabeth Longford, and educated at Paul’s Girls School, is all for equality. As she said of her decision to send her children to a grammar and the Oratory:

Sometimes a school is perfect for one child and another school is perfect for another. There is nothing unusual in a parent sending one child to one school and another to a different school.

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Harriet Harman’s Sympathetic Background Story

8184829LABOUR Party deputy leader Harriet Harman has admitted driving without due care and attention. The minister was fined £350 and ordered to pay £75 costs and a victim surcharge of £15 after her lawyer entered the guilty plea at City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

The court heard that a second charge of driving while using a mobile phone had been withdrawn.

Had it not have been, things would have been interesting, after all it was Labour that introduced the law to ban driving with a mobile phone in 2003, when Miss Harman was, er,  Solicitor General.

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Amanda Platell Tells Harriet Harman That 20 Is Bigger Than 24

11761882IT is odd that with so much to chastise MPs for, the Mail’s Amanda Platell should bemoan MPs Christmas holidays – and get it so very wrong:

Meanwhile Commons Leader Harriet Harman has rewarded Parliament with the longest Christmas break since records began. Forget our contempt for MPs, can their contempt for us fall any lower?

What odds that records began before last year, when The Commons broke up for Christmas on Thursday, December 18 and returned on January 12. That’s 24 days.

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Harriet Harman’s Blog Goes Bust

HARRIET Harman has been purged from the internets. Dizzy writes:

I’ve just been corresponding by email with Jon Worth, the Labour blogger who looks after Harriet Harman’s personal website and blog.

It would appear the site is offline and I was curious why. Jon has let me know, presumably so I wouldn’t speculate it had something to do with the ongoing Speaker story.

Apparently the hosting company has gone bust which I found particularly ironic as it probably happened due to the recession caused by the Government to which Harman is essentially deputy leader.

Probably. But still, it’s a frist.

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Is Labour Tapping Up The Commons Speaker? Harman’s Leaked Email

AN ineffectual Speaker in the Commons is of use to no-one. Although:

The Conservatives have been sent an email by mistake, which details a meeting taking place tomorrow organised by the Leader of the House of Commons Harriet Harman to discuss the Speaker’s Statement to the House. Invited to the meeting are Jacqui Smith and Jack Straw, as well as Cabinet Secretary Gus O’Donnell, Jill Pay, the Serjeant at Arms and the Parliamentary Clerk, Malcolm Jack and a representative from the Speaker’s Office. Strangely the Tories and LibDems have not been invited.

The email was sent by mistake to the office of Shadow Cabinet member Philip Hammond. No doubt he will soon be arrested.

If only that were a joke…

(Click image to read in darkened room.)

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Polly Tonybee Wants Gordon Brown To Be As Consistent As She Is

POLLY Toynbee is a Guardian columnist and president of the Social Policy Association. She is a solid and clear voice, an opinion former:

“A cabinet of minnows and spineless backbenchers include many – perhaps most – who want Brown gone, but lack the nerve to act. They wait for someone else, for Brown to walk away or for a proverbial bus to save them from the task” – Polly Tonybee, Sep 6, 2008

Not to be confused with this Polly Tonybee:

“…as they stepped into No 10 yesterday, here was as decent and clever a team of ministers as ever graced the cabinet table. Two Milibands, Ed Balls, Jackie Smith, Harriet Harman, Alan Johnson, Douglas Alexander, Peter Hain and Hilary Benn – with the likes of John Denham and Yvette Cooper in attendance – present a good front. It’s certainly the most genuinely united government in living memory” – Polly Tonybee, June 29 2007

Consistency is what we’re after…

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