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Watch In Awe As Kanye West Shows You How To Remove A Heckler

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LATELY, Kanye West has been making some bold claims as well as talking a lot of sense. Of course, most people look at him like he’s just some dumb rapper hyping himself up, while those able to read between the sneering edits and look beyond the headline grabbing one-liners can see that he’s aiming to become a Rothschild rather than Bigger Than Jay Z (he’s already more relevant that J-Hova).

However, aside from his philosophies, there’s nothing like Yeezy when he’s loud and direct, and you can see exactly that as he deals with a heckler at a recent show.

The lady in question was front row and reportedly shrieked at ‘Ye and asked him to remove his signature mask. No-one asks Yeezus to remove his mask.

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Gordon Brown Heckler Thrown Out, Media Rejoices

IN Sunderland, a heckler is heckling Gordon Brown. This is what hecklers do. If Gordon Brown had had a good put down prepared he could have looked cool and in control. Instead he just keeps talking as the man is marched off to the gulag – or interview suite. The media love it. All cameras on the man in the crowd. We’ve heard Gordon Brown before. He’s only the Prime Minister – although not one anybody elected to the job…


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