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Amber Rudd’s ID scheme makes us all suspects

ID cards are back on the agenda. The Sun calls it a “Green Card”, but it sounds a lot like we’ll be asked to carry our papers and show them on demand post Brexit. Home Secretary Amber Rudd says some sort of ID cars “would have to be introduced” to identify the 3 million EU nationals living in the UK. The Sun says the move would “almost certainly mean Brits on the Continent will have to carry ID cards where they go.”

The Guardian quotes Rudd:

“There will be a need to have some sort of documentation. We are not going to set it out yet. We are going to do it in a phased approach to ensure that we use all the technology advantages that we are increasingly able to harness to ensure that all immigration is carefully handled.”

This throws up a number of questions, of which these are just a few. Why do we need new forms of surveillance? Why do millions of law-abiding adults need to be monitored in an effort to prevent a few committing offences? Why do we need to show the authorities an ID card and prove our innocence? Why can’t we be private citizens unwilling to share everything with the State? And how does forcing us to carry ID card enable the government connect with the public?

It’s not about us. It’s about them trying to establish a role and sense of purpose, moving on from Tony Blair’s manta of ‘Join the debate’ and David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ to take on the role of overseers. No longer connected with the people they are supposed to represent, politicians now just want to watch us to learn what we want and thereby how best to control us. You can’t opt out of their Big Conversation’ because you’re being forced to take part. You are British not because you hold British values, rather because you forcibly carry an ID card. You’ve been defined by the Government you take everywhere with you.

It’s less worrying than it is pathetic. They don’t trust us. But they demand that we trust them.

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Old People Killed And Bodies Sold For Cremation

rest-home-fireIN “ELDERLY ‘KILLED AND BODIES SOLD FOR CREMATION SWAP’” Express readers learn:

GANGS are thought to be kidnapping and murdering elderly people, then selling the corpses for cremation to superstitious families who do not want their own dead loved ones incinerated.

Grandma is dead. Long live grandma! The problem could be finding an old dear who looks just like grandma and who won’t be missed. The UK pension system could benefit from this two-for-one deal. We trust any new ID cards will help nurses match the dead to the should-be dead. Better yet, if the barely moving target is fat or has smoked.

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No ID Cards For The Welsh

SAY no to ID cars. But you can put all your details – and those of your friends – on Facebook, MySpace and other social media, and the Government can see them whenever they like.

Still, in Wales there will no Welsh ID cards – at least there will be no small ID cards:

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