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The best, worst and most confusing costumes of Bestival 2012 (photos)

TO Bestival, Isle of Wight, to see the revellers in costume. One problem with his show is that many of the crew don’t know what the acts look like. You dress like a furry and the next minute you’re on the main stage playing your maracas:


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Festival goers at Bestival 2012, Robin Hill Country Park, Isle Of Wight

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Isle of Wight riot police hit Newport – photos

TO the Isle of Wight, where riot police are in full cry:

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Isle of Wight Festival 2012 in photos: fans, bands and muddy legs

RAIN? Check. Young women is short shorts walking in wet mud? Check. Young men wallowing in wet mud? Check.The Charlatans performing at Spitbank Fort in the Solent? Check? Trench foot? Working on it. It’s the Isle of Wight Festival 2012. And we’ve got the photos of the bands and the fans:


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Tim Burgess (left) and Mark Collins (centre) from The Charlatans, who will play at the Isle of Wight Festival in Newport this weekend, with Absolute Radio DJ Christian O'Connell on Spitbank Fort in the Solent between Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight.

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Rook Salad Off The Menu In Isle of Wight Pub: Cannibals On Loose In London

TO Paedo Island, formerly Isle of Wight, where rook salad is off the menu at the Taverners gastropub in Godshill.

Also off the menu is the rook farmer who sold the meat to a rook meat wholesaler  – a 45-year-old from Ryde who has been arrested and formally cautioned on suspicion of contravening the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

Paul Cantwell, of Natural England, says:

“Under the provisions of a general licence issued by Natural England, it is legal to undertake control of rooks for certain purposes. It is also technically legal for people to eat the birds they kill under the licence, but it has never been legal to sell wild birds killed for human consumption, with the exception of the wood pigeon.”

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Daily Mirror Says Isle Of Wight Is Peado Island – And A Great Place To Holiday

THE Daily Mirror says that Isle of Wight has been dubbed “Paedo Island”. You see, the new Camp Hill Prison is not the island’s first. It already has Albany and Parkhurst, “which hold mostly rapists and ­paedophiles“. And Camp Hill “will also be set aside for sex offenders“.

An unnamed source tells us:

“Many of these prisoners will eventually be released on to the island and the public will have no idea who they are or the terrible crimes they have done.”

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Derby Pensioner Arrested For Sex On Isle Of Wight Beach

IS the Isle of Wight Gazette’s story of OAP sex on the beach tinged with ageism? We journey to Shanklin on the Isle of Wight, where a 49-year-old woman is giving an older man a blow job on the beach.

Get a load of the opening line:

A randy pensioner has been arrested over a sex romp in broad daylight on a packed public beach.

Randy pensioner? Were he not a “randy pensioner” would the outrage be so acute?

Several holidaymakers are said to have fled the beach in disgust before dialling 999.

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BP Boss Tony Hayward Rides The Oily Gulf Stream At Isle Of Wight Yacht Race: Pictures

EARLIER we reported that BP’s PR nightmare Tony Hayward had a yacht called Bob. The swanky boat was cutting through the Isle of Wight’s waters in the JP Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race. ITV news reports that Hayward was in the vicinity of the yacht.

The Isle of Wight is in the English Channel – a ribbon of sea warmed by the, er, Gulf Stream. The warm water comes from the Gulf of Mexico via the North Atlantic Drift. Might it bring some oil?

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