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Jennifer Aniston’s Brad Pitt ‘Meltdown’

WANT to hear about Jennifer Lopez’s “FURIOUS SHOWDOWN WITH BRAD”. That’s Brad Pitt. You do? Well, step this way. And you can also learn “Why she was left in tears”.

Before we invited our hair language expert to analyse what Brad’s trash bin diver’s beard says to Jennifer’s silky hair, the National Enquirer says “sobbing” Aniston has had a “full-on meltdown following a vicious argument with ex-husband Brad Pitt”.

Angelina Jolie Pictures (NSFW)

There then follows one of the most ironic stories of all time. You will note that ever since Bradgelina released the lawyers on the NoTW for saying they had split up, stories of Pitt and Jolie have been supportive and, well, nice.

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Posted: 23rd, March 2010 | In: Key Posts, National Enquirer | Comments (3)