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Joanna Yeates: The Sun Owns ‘Our Jo’ And Debating Chris Jefferies’s Death

JOANNA Yeates: Chris Jefferies might take some money from the papers being assassinated by the media. He might take money from Avon and Somerset Police, who chose not to say that he was “helping us with our enquiries”, preferring to tell us that he was suspected of murder.

Chris Jefferies is on the front page of the Mirror:


This is an “exclusive”. Mr Jefferies has been speaking with “Baptist minister Irving Steggles. He tells us:

“He was quite frustrated but he is not angry – he is not an angry man. He knows he is innocent and I think he is quite upbeat. He wants to rebuild his reputation and he is looking to the future. He was just utterly surprised to be arrested.”

What of his state of being?

He is an emotionally well balanced man – he is psychologically strong. He is a strong person. He has got a good support group. I think he will come through this. He is a man with a very high view of justice.”

Remember when Robert Murat was being spoken of as a possible suicide by a vindictive press? Mr Jefferies’s “survival” is now a topic of tabloid discussion.

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