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What John Hirst Taught Us About Our Pathetic Leaders

THAT John Hirst is a murdering racist is matter of public record. But can we at least admire his achievement in getting out MPs to face the problem with European laws? The European Court of Human Rights agreed with Hirst that banning prisoners from voting was wrong. The big debate ensues: should all prisoners, whatever their crime, be banned from voting?

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Posted: 12th, February 2011 | In: Key Posts, Politicians | Comments (3)

Prisoners Vote Campaigner John Hirst Says He Will Break The Law If Law Not Upheld

THE more John Hirst talks the more the view hardens against prisoners having the right to vote.

He’s been on the Daily Politic getting annihilated by Brillo.

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Posted: 10th, February 2011 | In: Politicians | Comments (6)