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Someone’s recut the new John Lewis advert as a horror movie, and it’s brilliant

Someone’s recut the new John Lewis advert as a horror movie, and it’s bloody brilliant:


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The Delivery – a John Lewis boy with a box film

FIRST came the John Lewis boy and his head in box Christmas gift. Now comes the Laughing Basset comedy group and their weepy box – starring Truman, Gina Jenkinson, Richard Colley (with laughter from Steven O’Neill)…

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John Lewis Ad Boy Is Dead: Norway’s 1888 SMS Boy Has Killed Him

John Lewis boy is dead – or as good as. Sure he’s got a still warm rabbit’s head in the box for mummy and daddy’s Christmas present, but this murderous looking Norweigian child has the rabbit’s guts – and he’s glued them to your mum’s face. John Lewis boys should run.

It’s an ad for Norway’s 1888 telephone directory – We Need To Talk About Yngve…

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John Lewis Advert Splits The Country: Is The Rabbit In The Box Decapitated Or Alive And Fluffy?

FORGET the Poppy Day debate in which the Daily Mail and David Cameron try to split the nation between the good who wear a new poppy and embroider them on their football kits and the scum who do not, and know what the true schism is centred on this John Lewis advert. Which team are you on?

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Occupy Atlanta Might Be The Dumbest Thing You Or John Lewis Will Ever See

OCCUPY Atlanta might just have created the dumbest political protest of all time. Congressman John Lewis has asked to address the crowd. Leiws is leading light of the civil rights movment.

And what a crowd. They do no clapping. Why? Because clapping might “prevent someone else who is addressing the assembly from being heard”. Instead, the do a “signal approval” that sees the crowd raise a hand and wiggle their fingers.

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