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At Homes With Julie Kirkbride

A reader writes on Julie Kirkbride:

I note that the seeds of her return elsewhere are being sown. She has not resigned because she has done anything wrong. Her expenses claims have been fully justified. No, she has left because of threats to her and her family which are jusr too too horrid to publish at the moment.

Look out for the Sunday supplements’ – At Homes With Julie Kirkbride

Posted: 30th, May 2009 | In: Politicians | Comments (6)

The Wonderful Julie Kirkbride

Anorak reader Yampster looks at Julie Kirkbride:

The ability of Ms Kirkbride to cling to her job beggars belief. Every day she comes up with a different set of circumstances to fit it with the latest revelations….

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Andrew MacKay Stands Down, Julie Kirkbride Next?

julie-kirkbrideANDREW  MacKay – Mr Julie Kirkbride MP – will stand down at the next election. Says he:

“Following a conversation with David Cameron this morning I have decided to step down as candidate for Bracknell at the next general election.

“I believe I could be a distraction at a time when he is working to get elected as prime minister with the good working majority necessary to take the tough decisions to turn this country around.

I hope my decision to step down goes some way to showing my constituents how sorry I am about my own situation

“I would never forgive myself if my candidature distracted voters from the key issues and particularly David’s rousing call for change.”

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