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Florida newspaper advertises guns under Parkland massacre story

To Fort Lauderdale, where Florida’s Sun Sentinel daily newspaper thought it ok to publish an advert for a gun show righty below a front-page story on he massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and a second story on a gunman who murdered five people at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport.


parkland guns ad sun sentinel


The Sun Sentinel has apologised. The Miami New Times has more:

“It’s a mess. It’s horrible,” says Julie Anderson, the Sun Sentinel’s editor in chief. “We’re taking every step possible to make sure our editorial staff always see ads before publication so something like this doesn’t slip through.”

In her statement, publisher Nancy Meyer said, “We deeply regret placement of a gun advertisement on our front page Wednesday morning. It has been against our policy to run gun and other types of controversial advertising on our front page.”



So who was checking? Does anyone read the paper at the paper? Can we blame outsourcing, at least partially?

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How to survive Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘Nuclear Meltdown’

Don’t panic! Jeremy Corbyn might trigger a “Nuclear Meltdown” should the leader of the hollowed out Labour Party make it into Number 10, but surviving the atomic holocaust is just a matter of picking the right level of sun cream. The Daily Mail is here to help its readers survive.


Jeremy Corbyn daily mail


Factor 5million should just about do it.

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Boy Scouts accept gay boys through the back door in Albert Lea

THE Albert Lea Tribune has news for Boy Scouts, gay boys and back doors.



More juxtaposed headlines here.

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The Sun gives free boat with news of Superstorm Sandy

THE Sun produces the juxtaposition that reports on Superstorm Sandy – the weather event that happened where big media live (so overshadowing every other news event on planet Earth, including the death of more than 50 people in Haiti from Hurricane Sandy). Above the headline, the Sun thought it apposite to offer readers a “City Police Boat” made of Lego.

The best ever juxtaposed headlines are here.


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Juxtaposed headline of the day: The Killers and a ‘Clubland Murder’ in Liverpool

JUXTAPOSED headline of the day from the Liverpool Echo:

Spotter: liz_buckley

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Juxtaposed image of the year: Liverpool’s paedo priest and the ‘Hot’ boy

THE Liverpool Echo brings news of Father Peter Hooper, a Catholic priest from the Wirral  jailed for five years by Liverpool Crown Court for sexual activity with a male minor. The headline screams: “PRIEST ADMITS CHILD SEX.” Some genius in the layout department thought it a good idea to juxtapose that news with a picture of child eating an ice-cream below the legend: “BOY! IT’S HOT.”

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10 best juxtaposed newspaper images ever (2)

JUXTAPOSED images of the day feature the paedophile priest, the dog hurter, the ferry jumper and the teen rapist… (The first batch is here.)

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Juxtaposition of the day: the Sun’s paedo paradise goes Disney

THE Juxtaposition of the day: features the Sun’s June 3rd story  on a “Paedo Paradise”.  Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse are innocent…

Spotter: PopBitch

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Costa Concordia: All the juxtaposed image fails in full

COSTA Concordia: After the Guardian and the Belfast Telegraph made unfortunate headlines their Costa Concordia front pages, can other organs beat them in the race to be offensive?

Il Gazzettino (Italy):

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