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Ke$ha says she’s had sex with a ghost

ANYONE who has seen those leaked photographs of Ke$ha covered in someone’s semen will no doubt have been steadily vomiting for the past year. There’s something so profoundly unlikeable about Ke$ha that, it doesn’t at all matter what she looks like, because she’ll always be on the cusp of vile.

Maybe it’s because she’s a walking Bratz doll who will say absolutely anything for attention and, ultimately, will end up believing it herself.

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Posted: 28th, September 2012 | In: Celebrities | Comment

Ke$ha tells her lips to “SUCK IT” – tattoos of command

JOHN Travolta look-alike Ke$ha has used her Twatter to showcase her new tattoo – a legend on her inner lips that says “SUCK IT”. This follows on from Miley Cyrus’s tattoo, the one by her diaphragm that says “Just breathe”.

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Ke$ha’s Secret London MySpace Gig: In Pictures

ANORAK was there to see American singer Ke$ha backstage and on the stage a Myspace secret show at the Bathhouse, east London. The gig was secret in much the same way that anything is secret unless you’ve heard of it or been invited by a PR company. Justin Hawkins, formerly of The Darkness, was not there at the same time, which got us wondering…


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American singer Ke$ha performing a Myspace secret show at the Bathhouse, east London.

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