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Photos Of Democrat Politician Krystal Ball Sucking A Dildo Strapped To A Man’s Face

KRYSTAL Ball sounds like David Beckham’s fortune teller. But she’s a Democrat running for Congress in Virginia’s first district, a Republican hold. And to pave the way for career in big politics she’s sucking a small red dildo her husband has strapped to the end of his nose. This is how you get ahead in politics in Italy. But will it work in the USA?

When the photos emerged, Ball was aghast and affronted:

“I’m angry at the way women in this country are unfairly treated in this regard when they step up and run for office.”

When Winston Churchill strapped a pomegranate to his wife’s face and scooped out the seeds with his tongue, no-one thought any the worse of him. When Mahmoud Ahamdinejad, allegedly, shared a cucumber with an associate, he was patted on the back. Had Stalin sucked off a penis stuck to Roosevelt’s nose, we’d not cared.

Double standards, indeed. But you might suppose that someone called Krystal Ball would have seen the trouble coming when she posed for the photos. But no. As she says:

“They wanted me to feel like a whore. They wanted me to collapse in a ball of embarrassment and to hang my head in shame.”

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Posted: 12th, October 2010 | In: Key Posts, Politicians | Comments (2)