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Green shirt Leonardo DiCaprio uses up world’s oil and petrol as fast as possible

WHAT news of Gaia, Leonardo DiCaprio, star of electronic arts? In 200, Leo told us:

Our fresh water and oceans are being polluted, soils are eroding, rivers are running dry, wetlands are disappearing, fisheries are collapsing, rangelands are deteriorating, temperatures are rising, coral reefs are dying, and not since a meteor hit the Earth 65 million years ago have so many species of plants and animals become extinct in such a short time.

How did we get to this point?

Quite simply, by making the same mistakes as that industrialist did by building his short smokestacks. With the ever increasing population and the constant need to tap into our planet’s non renewable resources, we are quite frankly creating our own scenario for disaster.

The problem is we are pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere much faster than the land and seas can absorb it, the accumulating gas is trapping heat and upsetting the world’s climate …

I urge individuals around the world to stand up, and ask local leaders, if they haven’t already, to pledge to purchase cleaner cars, build green facilities, and buy green power like wind or solar energy. Our actions may determine if we become a casualty in the war for a habitable planet for generations to come.

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Reincarnated: Leonardo DiCaprio used to be Judy Zipper (photo)

IN the 1960s, Leonardo DiCaprio was called Judy Zipper.

, @sophwilkinson

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Occasional Use Of Aviation Fuel Takes Him To Remote Sydney By Private Jet

ENVIRONMENTALIST Leonardo DiCaprio has followed his occasional use of aviation fuel over the South African skies to fly from New York to Sydney on a private jet. Leo says he only flies private to go to remote locations. British people nod and understand. We too are shocked they have planes down there…



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Gore, DiCaprio, Jolie And Bono Are On A Plane To SAve The Planet: Depp Still Smoking

FAMED green activists Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Gore, Bono of U2, Leonardo DiCaprio and Angelina Jolie  are going to be occasional users of aviation fuel:

Haute 100 Los Angeles members Leonardo DiCaprio and Angelina Jolie will be leading a star-studded crew of celebrities to Durban, South Africa in three weeks for the 17th Conference of Parties (COP17) climate change conference, the single biggest event in the city’s history.

The renowned activists will be joined by the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Gore, Bono of U2, and others. The city’s hotels are completely booked through, including those in areas outside of Durban. The event is estimated to bring the area’s hospitality industry over R500 million (approximately $63.3 million).

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Leonardo DiCaprio And Marion Cotillard Giggle At Inception Premiere: Pictures

ELLEN Ellen Page, Leonardo DiCaprio and Marion Cotillard trod the carpet for the World Premiere of Inception, at the Odeon Leicester Square in central London. DiCaprio plays Cobb, a futuristic agent who seeks to implant an idea and save the day. It’s  a chance to get DiCaprio out of his linen shirts and shorts into a Bond-style suit. It works.

“A devilishly complicated, fiendishly enjoyable sci-fi voyage across a dreamscape that is thoroughly compelling. In a summer of remakes, reboots and sequels comes Inception, easily the most original movie idea in age” –  Hollywood Reporter, Kirk Honeycut

Leo DiCaprio Inception

Picture 1 of 9

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio arriving for the World Premiere of Inception, at the Odeon Leicester Square in central London.

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Will Ferrell Tops List Of Hollywood’s Top Ten Overpaid Stars

willferrellronburgandyWHO is the most overpaid Hollywood star. No need to guess. Jennfier Aniston is most overrated. But who gives the producers and the studios best bang for their buck?

Anorak’s Man in LA has news:

FORBES magazine has a newsflash for movie anchorman Ron Burgandy, and the comedian who created that character… he’s at the top of the magazine’s new list of Hollywood’s most overpaid stars.

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Micky Rourke Parties Out In London With Leonardo DiCaprio, In Pictures

7609812MICKY Rourke is spotted leaving the Wellington Club, London, where he has been sampling the tinctures with Leonardo Dicaprio.

The joys of spotting a celebrity cannot be underestimated.

Old Mr Anorak says he is delighted that Rourke [sic] of the Rorkes-Drifts is getting on so well…


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Vanity Fair Declares Climate Change War Over

HURRAH! Vanity Fair declares that Global Warming – “a threat graver than terrorism” – over! We win!

As the Indy reports Vanity Fair (Weather) has scrapped its annual green issue:

For the past three years, the monthly glossy has made much of dedicating its May issue to the environment: from Leonardo DiCaprio [her hi-flyin’ lover] posing on an iceberg to last year’s open letter from Robert Kennedy Jnr to the next president calling for action on global warming. This year, the incipient tradition has been quietly dropped.

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Bar Refaeli Jets Around Planet To Save It

SAYS Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli and one time muse of jet-setting global warming activist Leonardo DiCaprio:

“I think the green issue is one of the most important because this is our future and my kids future and yours and everyone’s. When I go to the beach I always clean up after myself and I clean around me too – what other people forget. The plastic bottles I even take home and recycle.”

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Leonardo Di Caprio Piles On The Paps

LEONARDO DiCaprio is moving our of Malibui. Why?

“The mere fact that these – I’ll use the word piles – are earning money from exploiting my image is the only reason I hide myself or am not a photo-friendly person. I do not like the way they conduct themselves. I think they’re disrespectful and dangerous. The reason I don’t pose or smile or that I seem mad is that I don’t want them to make a living off my private life.”

Sometimes, though, taking a celeb’s photo can help us to understand the person. Take DiCaprio’s anti-global warming crusade:

Here he is getting on board a private jet. But, hey the celebrity campaigner is only the messenger.

That’s his house, all $9m of it.

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