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Michael Jackson And Elvis: Lisa Marie Presley Tells Oprah What Happened

LISA Marie Presley, Elvis’s daughter, lives in Tunbridge Wells, England. It’s more private over here than in LA, a place obsessed with the vapid Weltschmerz of the ‘Me’.

England is just more free and easy. Sure Lisa, reportedly, asked staff at her mansion to sign a privacy document – an agreement not to talk about their work. One source told the Sun:

It was like they were being asked to sign the Official Secrets Act. It was way over the top and they felt it was a total infringement of their human rights. “Staff could not speak to their husbands, wives or even their grandchildren about what they did.”

Said Lisa Marie of her family’s move:

We have found the quality of life so much more enriching and fulfilling. The civility, the culture, the people and its beauty have reawakened me and have smoothed out some of my bleak and jagged views about people and life.”

Michael Jackson 1980-1990

So. Here’s Lisa Marie on the deep and meaningful Oprah Winfrey show, an interview conducted at here English idyll. Kent is not LA, but you can always bring some over.

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Michael Jackson Was Addicted To Scientology

jackson-scientologyMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news, with Jackson the drug “addict”, the death bed and the Church Of Scientology…

The Scotsman: “Jackson described as an ‘addict'”

Now he’s dead you can describe him however you like…

AUTHORITIES investigating Michael Jackson’s death referred to him as an “addict” and were seeking evidence related to the powerful anaesthetic propofol, according to search warrants.

The Western Australian: “Scientologists behind Jackson’s marriage to Lisa Marie.”

Among other contentious claims, Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson also provides further details of the king of pop’s alleged gay lovers…

In one chapter, Halperin hints that Jackson’s marriage to Elvis’ daughter and Scientology follower Lisa Marie Presley may have been organised by the Church of Scientology.

The marriage was labelled as a sham but both parties always denied it was a fake affair set up to improve the singer’s reputation soon after a child molestation case was settled for $US20 million ($24.49 million).

The religion had apparently wanted to desperately recruit the mega-rich singer and perhaps help him overcome his alleged homosexuality, Halperin said.

Such are the facts.

Examiner: Omer Bhatti is not my son – but he is my grandson…

Reports of Michael Jackson’s “secret” son, Omer Bhatti, have been swirling the internet for the past couple of weeks, but with new information, the story has gotten hot once more.

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