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For sale: Tolkien’s map of Middle Earth

tolkien map


You can own a map of Middle-Earth annotated by Tolkien. Some lucky so-and-so found the map slipped inside a copy of Lord of the Rings. It’s yours for £60,000.

The Guardian.

It shows what Blackwell’s called “the exacting nature” of Tolkien’s creative vision: he corrects place names, provides extra ones, and gives Baynes a host of suggestions about the map’s various flora and fauna. Hobbiton, he notes, “ is assumed to be approx at latitude of Oxford”; Tolkien was a professor of Anglo-Saxon at Oxford University.

The novelist also uses Belgrade, Cyprus, and Jerusalem as other reference points, and according to Blackwell’s suggests that “the city of Ravenna is the inspiration behind Minas Tirith – a key location in the third book of the Lord of The Rings trilogy”.

“The map shows how completely obsessed he was with the details. Anyone else interfered at their peril,” said Sian Wainwright at Blackwell’s. “He was tricky to work with, but very rewarding in the end.”

He also drew these maps:

middle-earth map 5 middle-earth map 4 middle-earth map 3 middle-earth map 2 middle-earth map 1


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Sean Bean Gets Stabbed Outside Pub In Row Over His Bird, Which Is So Very Northern

LORD of the Rings star Sean Bean (pronounced Shaun Baun) has been stabbed. No really. He’s been stabbed with some glass by a man who intended to stab him with some glass. This isn’t one of those misleading stories where you’re vaguely told something and it transpires that you were being lead up the garden path.

Bean was involved in something of a scuffle outside a North London pub at the weekend. Sean was smoking a fag (not a euphemism) with his chum April Summers. She’s an ‘adult actress’ and many suspect that she’s the new beau of Bean after he got a divorce from his wife not too long ago.

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