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The world’s worst martial arts demonstration

THIS is the world’s worst martial arts demonstration:

Posted: 4th, August 2013 | In: Sports | Comment

Nick Newell looks like a hero

ALL hail Nick Newell, the new XFC Champ. Newell was born this way. The Paralympics just got tougher:

Posted: 10th, December 2012 | In: Sports | Comment

Chuck Norris goes beyond meme after getting his own Slovakian bridge

THERE are many celebrities brought back to life through memes. Chuck Norris is a fine example of that. There’s a whole host of memes based on how hard he is. Things like ‘Chuck Norris does have an umbrella because he can kick rain in the genitals’ and ‘Chuck Norris doesn’t need medicine because he bullied all the illness out of his body’.

Okay, they were made up and terrible, but you know which memes we mean. And so, bending this meme fascination out of all proportion and back into the real world, Chuck Norris is reportedly getting a bridge in Slovakia named after him.

Apparently, a bridge that spans the country’s Morava river and will cross the border to neighbouring Austria has had it’s name deferred to the general public by way of an online vote.

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Welcome To The Coolest Man In The World: Azo Is Here To Amaze

PEOPLE continuously try to make claims to be cool, indeed, some going as far as to say that they’re the coolest people in the whole world.

They’re ALL wrong apart from one man.

One man, we’ll call him The Coolest Man In The Whole Wide Universe, is so cool that it makes the rest of us humans look like puke. Seriously.

Basically, this guy is like some kind of ninja who can skateboard like a MF, as well as do a whole variety of party tricks with diablos, sticks, fans and… well… seemingly everything in the world in which he finds himself.

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POW: Putin And Sarkozy’s Political Fight Club

RUSSIAN tiger hunter and lover Vladimir Putin is to train France’s pocket-sized leader Nicholas Sarkozy in the art of unarmed combat, reports Le Figaro.

Says Putin: “He is interested in martial arts and we have decided to do some training together.”

Anorak wonders if the two men have decided to save money on their respective armies by forming the Politicians Organisation de Wrestlers (POW)?

If so, it’s a good idea, and one trailed by Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

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Posted: 16th, September 2008 | In: Politicians | Comment (1)