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Should The Next Doctor Who Be A Woman?

NERDS! How do you feel about the prospect of Doctor Who having boobs? Essentially, the question here is that, should there be a Doctor Whoman, would you be angry, disappointed or aroused?

You may think ‘It’ll never happen!’ thanks to some spurious tidbit of knowledge you gleaned from some grotty reference book you’ve had since you were eight, but the calls for the writers of this Whovian slop to branch out increase, year on year.

And now, John Barrowman is shouting too. In a really tuneful, stage-school way, naturally.

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Dr Who: Matt Smith Lookalikes And Alan Clark

DR Who is back. The fans get Matt Smith. And Anorak sees traces of Richard D Zanuck with a dash of Alan Clark. Who does he look like? Smith looks and sounds far more extraterrestrial than David Tennant, who always looked like he was acting and wanted you to know it, too. Your ideas please as to whom Matt Smith looks like… And then work out why Tom Baker changed into any of them?


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Dr Alan Clark

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